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Progressive forces meet in Madrid for a fairer Europe

Green Social Summit

On Friday and Saturday, the Greens/EFA Group will gather in Madrid for its Green Social Summit, together with the European Green Party and in partnership with the Sumar alliance of Spanish Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour, Yolanda Diaz.

Over 300 participants, amongst them ministers, MPs, trade union representatives and civil society actors will gather to discuss a more social Europe, and the response to today’s most pressing challenges: The rise of the far-right, affordable housing, public investment in health, education and transport projects, and a socially just energy transition.

Terry Reintke, Greens/EFA Co-President, comments:

“We will gather to join progressive forces and take the lead on tackling the challenges people face in these difficult times. The Greens/EFA Group and European Green Party are leading on social issues and policies in Europe. Meeting the needs of everyday people is at the centre of our project. We will come together with partners who share the same goal. 

"Together, we build a Europe where everyone has a home and earns a good income, where bold climate action will build green industries and create millions of good jobs, where we value everyday working people, where we make sure that those who can afford it actually contribute to society, and where we can invest in affordable housing, childcare and education for families.”

Ernest Urtasun, Greens/EFA Vice-Chair, comments:

"The Green Social Summit is a great opportunity, ahead of the European elections in June 2024, to share and present our common political project of the European Green political family, as well as all our good practices in governments across the EU. We will welcome leaders from across the European Union to Madrid to discuss the construction of the Europe we want. We will have the presence of figures such as the Spanish Vice-President and Minister of Labour, Yolanda Díaz, the former Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, Petra de Sutter, or the German Minister of Family Affairs, Lisa Paus; but also representatives of trade unions and civil society organisations from all over Europe. Together, from different parts of the EU, we are defending and building a political project that leaves no one behind. An ecological, fair and feminist Europe that protects our citizens and our planet."

More: You can find the livestream, full programme and list of speakers here. Please note that the programme is subject to changes


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