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Refugee resettlement

Incoherent proposals underline dysfunctional EU approach to refugee crisis

The European Commission today presented proposals to reinstate transfers of asylum seekers to Greece under the Dublin asylum system, as well as presenting updates on progress under the EU’s resettlement and relocation scheme and the EU-Turkey agreement. Responding to the Commission proposals, Green asylum spokesperson Jean Lambert said:

"The analysis and proposals released by the Commission today underline the dysfunctional nature of the EU’s response to the refugee crisis. Returns to Greece under the Dublin system have long been suspended and the Greek system continues to be overwhelmed. It is unbelievable that the Commission is proposing to reinstate returns to Greece against this background, particularly given the painfully slow pace of relocation.

“The snail’s pace of progress resettling and relocating refugees is clearly the fault of EU governments, which are refusing to accept their responsibilities in managing this humanitarian crisis. Less than 5% of the original commitment has so far been fulfilled. This is a damning indictment of the EU collective response, all the more as they have further reduced their commitment in the context of the highly controversial agreement with Turkey.”


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Jean Lambert

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