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Regional policy

European Parliament voted for greater transparency in regional policy funding

The European Parliament today adopted a report on transparency in regional policy with 629 votes in favour and 6 against. Commenting on the result of the vote, the rapporteur, Green MEP Michail Tremopoulos, said:

"European Parliament today has called for greater transparency in the funding of regional policies. We need to get better and more information on the beneficiaries of cohesion funding, if we want to ensure that the taxpayers' money is well spent.

To improve transparency, member states must cooperate and deliver the information on the use of the funds accurately and timely. Parliament also urges auditors to take a tougher line on communication and information requirements and not to be shy to use "naming and shaming" if necessary. In confirmed cases of fraud, ultimately, fines should be imposed on the wrong doers.

Member states themselves have to take care to fully involve the regional and local authorities and other relevant partners in all phases of the cohesion programming and implementation. The Commission should give more guidance on how to put the partnership clause into practice under current programmes and in future regulatory texts sufficiently binding rules on partnership should be included.

The European Parliament not only asks improved transparency from the Member States but also from the European Commission when it decides on the funding of major projects."



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