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Right intentions and promising words are not enough

Hearing with Frans Timmermans

"It was a promising Timmermans performance. He is clearly committed and knows how to convince with words. But there remains a very clear danger that the Green Deal stays a collection of non-binding strategies. We need more concrete action from this Commission and Frans Timmermans plays a crucial role. Right intentions and promising words are not enough.

“It is still unclear what we can expect concretely in the climate law that had been promised already within the first 100 days of the new Commission. Frans Timmermans said that further scientific research is needed before committing to more ambitious climate targets for 2030. There isn't anything to wait for, the scientific evidence is already there.

“We urge the new European Commission to increase the CO2-reduction target to at least 55 percent for 2030 without delay. And we will push for more clarity especially on the phasing out of fossil fuels and the agriculture strategy.

“The Greens/EFA will thoroughly scrutinize all the details of the Green Deal Ursula von der Leyen announced. Frans Timmermans needs to prove that the European Commission understands the dimension of climate urgency.”    



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