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Road safety

Call for EU speed and alcohol limits welcome step for improving road safety across Europe

The European Parliament transport committee today adopted a report on improving road safety in Europe. The Greens welcomed the outcome, notably the support of MEPs for two important Green proposals, recommending the introduction of a Europe wide 30 km/h speed limit in urban areas and for an EU-wide blood alcohol limit. After the vote, UK Green Euro MP Keith Taylor said:

"Road accidents across Europe remain at unacceptably high levels and there is a need for a more concerted effort to improve road safety. The EP transport committee has today pointed road safety in the right direction, notably by recommending an EU-wide speed limit of 30 km/h in urban areas. MEPs also supported the introduction of an EU blood alcohol limit. This will mean drivers have to respect the same road rules no matter where they drive, making it easier for drivers and safer for all those on or near our roads. Excessive speed and alcohol are the main causes of road accidents in Europe and improving road safety means tackling these two problems head on."

Green transport spokesperson Michael Cramer added:

"MEPs thankfully rejected a wrong-headed proposal recommending making the wearing of high visibility vests compulsory for cyclists. This proposal would have turned victims into offenders, shifting the responsibility onto cyclists and away from drivers in the cases of road accidents. However, 90% of all accidents between bikes and cars are caused by drivers."



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