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Roaming charges will become thing of the past

European Parliament defends consumer interests

Negotiations on roaming concluded last night (31 Jan). The European Parliament was able to secure low prices for consumers in the final deal. Tariffs have been reduced so that even small providers can compete with the major telecoms groups.

Michel Reimon, Green shadow rapporteur for the negotiations, said:

"The European Parliament made sure that the interests of consumers were well represented in the negotiations, delivering a reduction in wholesale roaming prices that will help people get a fair deal. By placing a significantly lower cap on data tariffs, roaming charges will soon become a thing of the past. This outcome of the negotiations is a clear success for the European Parliament. While some Member States tried to block the abolition of roaming charges, serving the interests of a few big telecom groups, the majority of the parliament held firm against this."



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Michel Reimon
Michel Reimon

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