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Romanian MEP Nicolae Ștefănuță joins Greens/EFA Group from Renew

Today, the Members of the Greens/EFA Group wholeheartedly welcomed Nicolae Ștefănuță MEP to the Group. Nicolae, who joins the Group from Renew, is the new Greens/EFA Group MEP in Romania. Nicolae is a Member of the Budgets Committee and the Environment Committee. 

Terry Reintke MEP, President of the Greens/EFA Group, comments: 

“We are so pleased to welcome Nicu to the Group, we have enjoyed working with him in the past on progressive files and look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder in fighting for a greener tomorrow. From illegal logging to corruption and individual rights in Romania as well as Schengen accession, there is a lot of work needed to improve people’s lives. We look forward to working with Nicu to build a greener and stronger Romania, at the heart of Europe.”

Nicolae Ștefănuță MEP, Greens/EFA Member from Romania, comments: 

“Today, together with the Greens/EFA Group, we have the opportunity to play our part in a greener Europe. We owe it to our youth and to the future of Romania to take bold action and build a more sustainable world. The younger generation are right to be concerned about how their lives may look like in the next ten or twenty years. 

“I want to bring strength and coherence to the green movement in Romania and prove to everyone that it is about our entire way of life, our economy, our health, our civil justice, with equality before the law.”



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Terry Reintke
Terry Reintke
Nicolae Ştefănuță
Nicolae Ştefănuță

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