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Ruling flies in face of EU Treaties - Quote from Terry Reintke MEP


In clear breach of the EU Treaties and previous statements by the European Court of Justice, the illegitimate Polish 'Constitutional Tribunal' ruled that Polish law takes supremacy over EU law. The ruling was called for by the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Terry Reintke MEP, Greens/EFA shadow rapporteur on Poland, comments:

"Today's ruling flies in the face of what the Polish government has signed up to as a member of the European Union. This Union is based on shared values, the rule of law and a common accord that EU law has primacy over national law. The primacy of EU law is fundamental to how the EU works as clearly set out in the Treaties.

"Unfortunately, the illegitimate Polish 'Constitutional Tribunal' cannot be considered an independent judicial body. The ruling, which was called for by the Polish Prime Minister, is yet another example of the government's attempts to undermine the rule of law in the country. 

"Fellow EU governments must no longer stand by and do nothing as the Polish government attempts to rewrite the rules of democracy to suit their own interests. It's time for Member States in the Council to pursue the ongoing Article 7 procedure against Poland and take a stand for the rule of law and democracy in Europe."



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