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Russia - Magnitsky case

EU Parliament calls for sanctions against Russian officials

The European Parliament adopted a resolution yesterday evening calling on EU governments in Council to introduce sanctions against the Russian officials responsible for the death of Sergei Magnitsky. The Greens welcomed the vote, which was passed with an overwhelming majority, with Green MEP and vice-chair of the EU-Russia cooperation committee Werner Schulz stating:

"The EP is putting pressure on EU governments to act to ensure the Magnitsky case is not brushed under the carpet. The case and the failure to ensure those responsible for the violent death of anti-corruption campaigner Sergei Magnitsky are brought to justice represent serious breaches of the fundamental rights to which Russia is committed as a member of the Council of Europe.

"EU foreign policy high representative Ashton must ensure the issue is finally addressed by EU foreign ministers in Council. The EU should follow the US example, with US travel restrictions having been imposed on 60 individuals implicated in the case. In addition to visa restrictions, the EU should introduce other sanctions with an economic impact, such as freezing the bank accounts of those involved.

"The Magnitsky case is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the abuse of power by the Russian authorities and the undermining of the rule of law in Russia. The Magnitsky case and that of Mikhail Khordorkovsky (who was jailed 9 years ago tomorrow) are high profile examples but there are hundreds more cases in Russia. It is high time the EU took a meaningful stand against the violation of the rule of law in Russia."




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