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Ska Keller steps down as President of Greens/EFA Group

Tonight, Ska Keller has announced that she is stepping down as President of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, after six years of service to the Group. 

Ska Keller MEP comments: 

“We have little over a year left until the next European elections campaign is going to kick off. These elections will take place in very challenging times with a war in Europe and several severe crises.

“However, for me it is clear that after three great terms, I will not run again at the next European Elections. This is a personal decision. It is time for new things, and I want to make sure that the new person in charge, preparing this group for the times ahead, will have the best starting position possible. Therefore, I put my position as Group President up for election and make space to give a head start to whomever is next. I want to give a new generation the possibility to get more visibility, to prepare for our new group to succeed.

“It was really an honour to serve the Greens/EFA Group. I thank them wholeheartedly for their continuous support and will look back fondly on my time as Group President.

"Nevertheless, you can rest assured that in the two remaining years that I will have as a Member of the European Parliament, I will continue fighting for a greener future, climate justice, social justice, as well as rule of law and human rights.”


The Greens/EFA group is led by two Presidents. The Greens/EFAGroup  will now undertake an internal procedure to elect a new President. 


Press release

Press release

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Ska Keller

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