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Symbolic action on climate change

Green Euro MEPs install an ice sculpture in the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Action and photo opportunity - Ice Sculpture - Tuesday 20th October - 13:00
"Impacts of Global Warming and the urgency to tackle Climate change"

A group action organised by the French Euro MEPs will take place in Strasbourg on Tuesday 20th October at 13:00 in order to raise awareness on climate change and on the urgency to act fast, as the Copenhagen Summit is approaching (7th to 18th of December).

Therefore, the Green / EFA group will install an ice sculpture, symbolizing a climate refugee in the middle of the central "Agora" (the courtyard in Louise Weiss Building).

This sculpture, completely carved in ice, about 2 meters high, will represent a man affected by climate change. It will illustrate the devastating impacts on Humanity and on the planet of the global warming, and the disastrous issues in case the negotiations in Copenhagen fail.

Greens/EFA MEPs will make a symbolic action and hold a press conference in the courtyard (Agora Bronislaw Geremek, Louise Weiss entrance) at 13:00, just after the votes in plenary.

This will be the opportunity to present the Greens/EFA position on Copenhagen and the need for action.

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