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To stop terrorist attacks, we need better police cooperation, not blanket suspicion

One year after the Brussels attacks

A year on from the attacks in Brussels, EU Member States should end their policy of blanket suspicion and focus on better police cooperation, says Jan Philipp Albrecht, Vice-Chair of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committee and Greens/EFA home affairs spokesperson.

"A year on from the attacks in Brussels, we mourn the victims of all terrorist attacks, both here and abroad. Our thoughts are with their families and loved ones.

"If we are to be effective in the prevention of further attacks, Member States must end their policy of blanket suspicion and focus instead on better cross-border cooperation between police and law enforcement authorities. It is well-qualified and well-equipped police that will help stop future attacks, not treating all citizens as potential terrorists.

"The recent report from Europol highlights the connection between organised crime and terrorism and sets out good measures to break this link. The establishment of a European Counter Terrorism Centre, a crack-down on money laundering and the financing of terror, and stronger rules against firearms would all be practical steps to help keep people safe. Sadly, Member States seem to prefer to spend billions of Euros on symbolic, ineffective and disproportionate measures such as passenger name records and the proposed entry/exit system. With such a view still prevailing, it is good that Commissioner Julian King has chosen to examine the effectiveness of some 250 EU decisions in the fight against terrorism."

Europol Report 2017 https://www.europol.europa.eu/activities-services/main-reports/european-union-serious-and-organised-crime-threat-assessment-2017



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