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Press release

UK Supreme Court Rules Westminster Shut Down Unlawful

Press Release from EFA MEP Alyn Smith (SNP)

SNP Member of the European Parliament Alyn Smith has said the Parliament must resume immediately after the UK Supreme Court ruled Boris Johnson’s decision to shut down Parliament was unlawful and unconstitutional upholding the ruling of Scotland’s supreme court.

Alyn Smith said:

"This is good news, and I pay tribute to my SNP colleague Joanna Cherry QC MP who led the case.

"The UK Parliament must resume without delay to hold the Tory government to account on its Brexit plans, which threaten to plunge the UK into recession, destroy 100,000 Scottish jobs, and inflict lasting harm on living standards, public services and the economy across Scotland, the UK and the EU.

"Boris Johnson, already a laughing stock in Brussels, should resign. His behaviour has been disgraceful and his position is untenable."