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Undeclared work

New EU platform must not become debating club

The European Parliament today voted to approve the establishment of a European Platform to prevent undeclared work. The Greens welcomed the new platform, with social policy spokesperson Terry Reintke stating:

"Undeclared work is a widespread phenomenon in Europe, which leads to the exploitation of large numbers of the workforce and undermines the economy across the EU. It is long overdue that EU member states worked together on a coherent response to tackling undeclared work. The establishment of this platform, in which all EU member states must participate, is an important step for tackling undeclared work and reducing the problems associated with it.

"The platform should lead to the exchange of information and best practices between national authorities like employment, tax and immigration authorities, as well as social partners. As undeclared work does not respect borders, cooperation between EU member states is all the more important. The platform cannot be simply a debating club but must outline a coherent approach to tackling undeclared work. At the Greens' insistence, the platform will place a particular focus on domestic work and women, who are particularly affected by undeclared work."

Undeclared work deprives national exchequers of crucial revenue. The shadow economy in Europe is estimated to account for 18% of economic activity.