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EU Parliament committee votes for double standards on road safety

Today, the European Parliament's employment and social affairs committee narrowly voted in favour of a European Commission proposal to exclude self-employed drivers from working time rules in the road transport sector. This follows an EP plenary rejection of the proposal in May. Greens/EFA shadow rapporteur Emilie Turunen (Denmark) commented:

"Today's vote in committee is a disappointing result but not the end of the road on the debate on working time for road transport workers. Greens will continue to oppose the EU Commission proposal to exclude self-employed drivers from working time rules, which allows social and safety standards to be compromised.

A tired driver is a dangerous driver, whether an employee or self-employed. It is therefore essential to maintain a single set of health and safety rules for professional drivers. We will also continue to fight against a distortion of the labour market that would disadvantage all employee drivers who work according to safe limits on driving hours."


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