Bas Eickhout

Bas Eickhout


Function Vice-President
Phone Brussels+32-2-2845365
Phone Strasbourg+33-3-88175365

European Parliament
Bât. Altiero Spinelli
60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
B-1047 Bruxelles/Brussel

European Parliament
Bât. Winston Churchill
1, avenue du Président Robert Schuman
CS 91024
F-67070 Strasbourg Cedex

Party GroenLinks
Greens / EFA Group Vice-President
Bureau Treasurer
Bureau Vice-President
Committees Economic and Monetary Affairs (Substitute Member)
Budgetary Control (Substitute Member)
Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (Vice-Chair)
Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (Coordinator)
COVID-19 pandemic (Special Committee) (Substitute Member)
Delegations United States (Substitute Member)
People's Republic of China (Member)
Social Media

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