Air passenger rights

EP votes for better rights for air passenger rights, endorsing Green proposals

The European Parliament today adopted a report calling for more EU action to strengthen air passenger rights by Green rapporteur (draftsperson) Keith Taylor. Commenting after the vote, UK Green MEP Keith Taylor said: "Despite some important improvements, air passengers often still get a raw de...

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Instrumentalisation of murderous attacks is inappropriate, data retention would not have prevented them

There is some debate about the fight against terrorism after the attacks by Mohamed M. in Toulouse. Commenting on demands by conservatives for more data retention schemes, Green home affairs expert Jan Philipp Albrecht said: "The calls by anti-terrorism bureaucrats and home affairs ministers f...

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Use and transfer of Passenger Name Records to the United States

New study shows a breach of EU fundamental rights provisions

A study done by legal experts shows that the new agreement with the US on the transfer, retention and profiling of air passenger data (PNR) is in breach of EU fundamental rights provisions. The agreement, which is undergoing the ratification procedure in the European Parliament now, even provides less data protection than previous agreements from 2004 and 2007 which the European Parliament had refused to accept.

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Air passenger rights

MEPs support Green calls for more action on air passenger rights

The European Parliament transport committee today adopted a report calling for more EU action to strengthen air passenger rights by Green rapporteur (draftsperson) Keith Taylor. Commenting after the vote Keith Taylor said: "While EU legislation has already gone some way towards improving the ...

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Milford Haven - legal action threatened over LNG terminal

Plaid press release from Jill Evans MEP

The European Commission has today threatened to take legal action against the UK government in relation to Milford Haven's Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal. With the support of Plaid MEP Jill Evans, local residents have petitioned the European Parliament, highlighting several potential breaches of EU ...


The EU and Somalia

Counter-Piracy and the Question of a Comprehensive Approach

Download Study Executive Summary Since 2005, violent attacks on maritime traffic off the Somali coast have been steadily increasing. Somali pirates have managed to establish a unique business model: vessels of all kinds are being hijacked with their crews on board for the sole purpose of gaining ra...


Sulphur rules for ships/Air pollution

Tougher EU rules to benefit public health and the environment

The European Parliament environment committee today voted on new legislative proposals aimed at reducing sulphur pollution from ships (1), which are being shepherded through the EP by Green rapporteur/draftsperson Satu Hassi MEP. Speaking after the vote, Satu Hassi said: "Today's vote brings us...

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Aviation/ international

the EU must convince of the fairness of including the sector into the ETS

Today the EU/ China summit was held in China. There were many items which the Greens had called on to be discussed with the Chinese leadership, including aviation and the EU ETS


EU-China Summit

Emissions trading, Syria, human rights: EU must not avoid sensitive issues in Beijing

The 14th EU-China summit will take place tomorrow in Beijing. The Greens/EFA believe that there are many points which have to be thoroughly discussed with the Chinese leadership - from emissions trade in air traffic, export restrictions of rare earths, to human rights and Tibet. Ahead of the EU-Chin...

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Stop Climate Change Newsletter

February 2012 - Issue 51

Keep up to date with all of the latest news on climate, policy and international negotiations from our campaign website.

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Aviation emissions

EU must hold course and not yield to Chinese bullyboy tactics

China has announced a prohibition on its airlines participating in the EU's emissions trading scheme, escalating a dispute between the EU and a number of third countries (1). The Greens have hit out at China's announcement and called on the EU not to back down. Commenting on the developments, Green ...

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Data retention (PNR)

EU-US PNR agreement should be rejected by EP

The European Parliament is set to give its verdict on a proposed EU-US agreement on the retention of the private data of airline passengers (passenger name records or PNR). The EP draftsperson/rapporteur today presented a draft report recommending rejection of the agreement (1). The Greens support t...

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