Data retention (PNR)

EU-US PNR agreement should be rejected by EP

The European Parliament is set to give its verdict on a proposed EU-US agreement on the retention of the private data of airline passengers (passenger name records or PNR). The EP draftsperson/rapporteur today presented a draft report recommending rejection of the agreement (1). The Greens support t...

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Transport policy

EP calls for binding CO2 reduction target for transport sector

The European Parliament today adopted a report outlining its position on the Commission's proposed 'Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area'. After the vote, Green transport spokesperson Michael Cramer said: "The EP has today made clear that the transport sector must accept its share of ef...

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European Parliament & EMAS

Greens welcome new European Parliament carbon offsetting policy

During its last plenary session in October, the European Parliament adopted a budget proposal to set-aside funds for a carbon offsetting policy. As the institution has committed to reduce 30% of its carbon emissions by 2020 in the framework of its environmental policy, this offsetting scheme is...


EU-US passenger data agreement (PNR)

Repackaged PNR deal continues to ignore fundamental rights concerns

The European Commission today presented the finalised agreement between the EU and the US on passenger data (PNR) retention. The Greens have hit out at the agreement as failing to address the fundamental rights concerns raised by the European Parliament and various European courts under a previous a...

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Aviation emissions

Final call for tackling airline emissions, as legal opinion clears way for EU scheme

This morning, the advocate general of the European Court of Justice gave her opinion that the inclusion of the aviation sector in the EU's emissions trading scheme is legally sound, clearing the way for the planned inclusion from the beginning of next year (1). The Greens welcomed the announcem...

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Body scanners

MEPs vote to restrict use of body scanners in airports and exclude x-ray technology

The EP transport committee today adopted a report on the use of body scanners in airports (Grandes report). The Greens welcomed the outcome, after Green amendments calling for stricter conditions on the use of body scanners were adopted, notably the exclusion of x-ray technology. After the vote, Gre...


Carbon and energy tax

Commission attempts to break taboo on carbon tax welcomed but proposal needs strengthening

The European Commission will tomorrow present proposals to revise the energy taxation directive, which sets out minimum European rates, notably with a view to introducing EU-level carbon taxation. The Greens welcome the initiative of the Commission but the group has expressed concerns both as regard...

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EU traffic rules

Transport ministers fall short of ensuring full cross-border enforcement of traffic rules

EU transport ministers today reached an agreement on new EU legislation on the cross-border enforcement of traffic rules. This agreement will now be subject to negotiations with the European Parliament. The Greens regretted that the agreed rules were not more effective and urged MEPs to work to stre...

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Rebecca Harms


Air Traffic Chaos

Safety more important than profit

With regards to the impact of the volcanic eruption in Iceland on the transport in Europe, Michael Cramer and Eva Lichtenberger, spokespersons on transport for the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, state:"Mobility in Europe has changed drastically in the past six days. This time, the...

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Air traffic in Europe

Michael Cramer


Air traffic

Isabelle Durant