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European Greens and Vandana Shiva launch joint petition on seed legislation

The Greens together with Navdanya , the organisation of Indian activist and scientist Vandana Shiva, launch a petition on the new legislative proposal of the European Commission on the production and commercialisation of seeds.


EU seed regulation

Inspired by Vandana Shiva's visit Europe should take the lead in shifting the flawed logic of seed laws

  International activist and scientist Dr Vandana Shiva is currently travelling the world on a campaign on seed freedom and has published, together with the 'International Commission on the future of Seed' a small book called "The Law of the Seed". Watch the recorded livestream of V...


GMO (In)Digest

Issue 10 of the GMO Campaign Newsletter

In this issue : no qualified majority in appeal committee on GMO imports; honey contamination; EFSA; is Monsanto dropping the EU?


Vandana Shiva

GMOs are a death knell to biodiversity and farming

Expanding GMO use would deprive farmers of control over seeds, with the rights for GMOs controlled by a handful of multinational agrochemical companies. This would give these companies significant influence over our food supply system.


The law of the seed - lecture by Vandana Shiva


Watch the video of the event

The Greens/EFA invite you to an exclusive public lecture 'The Law of the Seed ' by the international activist and scientist Vandana Shiva. She will explain why the newly proposed European seed legislation is a threat to biodiversity and our common heritage.


Brussels Agenda

Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 16 - 20 September 2013

Greens/EFA priorities for the week include the committee votes on organised crime, on risky medical devices, on emissions trading scheme. Two Greens/EFA events: 'The law of the seed' public debate and press conference with Vandana Shiva & an event in the framework of the mobility week 'Sustainable 2 Wheels'



Endangered eel stock needs urgent attention say MEPs

The European Parliament today voted on legislative proposals on management of eel fisheries. Crucially, MEPs endorsed the call by Green draftsperson/rapporteur Isabella Lövin for the European Commission to come forward with a new EU regulation on the management of this endangered species. Commentin...



French court lifts France's ban on growing GM maize

France's highest court (Conseil d’Etat) yesterday lifted the government ban on growing Monsanto's genetically modified maize MON810. This decision follows a ruling from the European Court of Justice that stated that the government ban on the cultivation of MON810 was not justified by an imminent a...


Belo Monte Blog

"It is a monster"

Greens/EFA MEPs went to Brazil for a delegation mission where they met with officials and NGOs about the Belo Monte Mega-Dam project.

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First Debriefing

Green Group Delegation to Belo Monte

Debriefing on the Green Group Delegation to Belo Monte (Brasilia, Belem and Altamira), July 8-13, 2013   Brussels, July 17th, 2013 Son Excellence l’Ambassadeur Mrs Vera Barrouin Machado Brazilian Mission to the European Union Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 30 1050 Brussels – Belgium Downlo...


First post mission meeting

Ulrike Lunacek meets with the new Brazilian Ambassador to the EU

Ulrike Lunacek met with Vera Machado, the new Brazilian Ambassador to the EU, this afternoon after the end of our delegation visit to the controversial Belo monte mega dam site. Ulrike handed her a first debriefing paper (agreed with our other two delegation members Eva Joly and Catherine Gr...


Biofuels and land use

Agreement reached to cap biofuels and flaws in CO2 accounting addressed

The European Parliament's environment committee today voted today on legislation aimed at curbing the negative impact on the climate associated with indirect land use change (ILUC) due to biofuel production. The Greens/EFA group is pleased with the vote, which will ensure that the emissions resultin...

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