10 demands in the EU Common Fisheries Policy reform 2012-2013

What the Greens want

Marine resources are a public good, not a private resource. The right to exploit those resources, therefore, should be allocated according to criteria that ensure that fishing contributes as far as possible to the public interest. Greens propose that the allocation of the right to fish should be based upon criteria rather than market forces – specifically, on the environmental and social aspects of the fishing.

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Stolen land stolen future

Inspired by an APRODEV report on land grabbing in Cambodia

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Illegal fishing and Endangered Species

Greens call on Commission and member states to oppose new rules that could undermine fight against illegal fishing

CITES is an international agreement to regulate international trade in endangered species. It is currently discussing new rules that have the potential to create loopholes allowing illegally caught fish onto the EU market. The Greens wrote to the Commission last week highlighting these concerns, and...


Reforming the Common Fisheries Policy

Now is no time to be timid!

After thirty years of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), fisheries in the EU are in a perilous state, with depleted stocks, the industry lurching between crisis and disaster, and the continued long-term decline of coastal communities. Action is urgently needed in the reform to redress this situation

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Why ban fracking and shale gas?

Shale gas is now presented as being the new solution to our world's growing energy needs. However, its production poses serious threats to the climate, the environment and to local communities.

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RIO + 20 Diary

Game over already? Emerging analysis

It was strange for ministers to land to discover what appeared to be an already agreed document. Some countries arrived with the intention of negotiating at ministerial level, which would have increased political ownership. The NGO community was very clear that the text as it stood was completely out of touch with reality, lacking mention of planetary boundaries and tipping points and thereby making a joke of the title, 'the future we want'.


Global environment policy

Rio +20 sustainable development summit fails to deliver concrete response to ecological crises

The UN sustainable development summit in Rio de Janeiro - Rio plus 20 - will draw to a close today with a declaration, the contents of which were agreed earlier in the week between negotiators before the high-level ministerial segment of the summit had even begun. Commenting on the summit and the de...

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The challenge in Rio

Europeanvoice article by By Sandrine Bèlier, Isabella Lövin and Bas Eickhout

Brazil illustrates the ‘destruction as usual' status quo that we need to change.


Rio+20 Press Conference


UN sustainable development summit and the EU position

The landmark Rio+20 UN sustainable development summit will take place in Rio de Janeiro from 20-22 June. Ahead of the summit, Green MEP Sandrine Bélier hosted a press conference outlining the key issues at stake and what the role of the EU should be in the process. Global environmental governance and promoting the global green economy are key themes.


GMO Campaign Blog

Letter to Commissioner Dalli: No speed up of new GMO approvals

Despite the Danish Presidency's efforts to sway some countries towards its compromise proposal allowing more freedom for Member States to prevent the growing on their territory of a GMO crop that is allowed at the EU level (see our previous blog post), the Council has been forced to realise there is...


The future we REALLY want


A Greens/EFA conference on Rio+20

In June this year, the Rio+20 Summit will be the opportunity to set the sustainable development agenda for the next 20 years. Expectations are high because this Rio Summit has the potential to be the long-awaited shift towards a more sustainable and fair future. This conference will aim to reflect and propose conclusions on the future we really want

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Think Biodiversity

The future we really want

The United Nations proclaimed today, the 22nd May, the International Day for Biological Diversity to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. In the 20 years since the Rio Earth Summit, much remains to be done to preserve our natural capital. That is why Greens/EFA MEPs have...

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