Democratic follow-up in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Greens/EFA motion for a resolution

The European Parliament, –   having regard to the Declaration by the High Representative, Catherine Ashton, on behalf of the European Union, on the electoral process in the Democratic Republic of the Congo of 9 December 2011 (A 507/1/11 REV 1), –   having regard to ...

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Sudan/South Sudan

Greens/EFA motion for a resolution

The European Parliament, –   having regard to its previous resolutions on Sudan, –   having regard to the UN Security Council Resolution 2046 (2012) of 2 May 2012 on Sudan and Southern Sudan, –   having regard to the EU High Representative for Forei...

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Stop climate change blog

Climate discussions - no backtracking by the EU!

Early this week, informal discussions took place in Brussels with Members of the "coalition of ambition" ahead of UN talks in Bonn. The Greens insist that Europe give concrete expression to this new alliance with least developped countries and that it continues to lead the climate debate forward...

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Climate Change, Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property

Green Position Paper

Although technological innovation is only part of the overall solution to climate change, it is an essential aspect of it. The current situation requires overcoming the dilemma between the need for widespread and rapid diffusion of knowledge and climate technologies to developing countries; and the need for incentives for technology developments and innovations.


Technology transfer

Flexibility needed as well as innovation

Everybody is quick when it comes to asking for more technology transfer to developing countries. The parliament has stated several times in different resolutions the need to foster technology transfer. Obviously, developing countries need better access to climate friendly technology if we want to...



Greens/EFA motion for a resolution

The European Parliament, –   having regard to its previous resolutions on Kazakhstan with regard, in particular, to the one of 17 September 2009, –   having regard to its resolution on a EU Strategy for Central Asia of 15 December 2011, –  &nbs...

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EU-India Summit

Free Trade Agreement - Bad deal for India?

On 10th February the next EU-India summit will take place in New Delhi. The Commission is pushing for the rapid conclusion of negotiations over the controversial EU-India Free Trade Agreement. But what would further "liberalisation" mean for India and its poorest people?

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Gates Foundation

Bill Gates fails to address concerns on Foundation's investments

Bill Gates addressed the Development committee of the European Parliament last week and received a warm welcome from the MEPs present. The questions that followed his address were light and easy with one exception: Green MEP Catherine Grèze challenged Mr. Gates on the funding of his foundation, a...


Human rights and the EU-India Free Trade agreement


A joint conference

Ska Keller co-hosts this conference on the negative effects of the EU-India Free trade agreement and what the Commission and Parliament can do have a positive influence.

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Free Trade Agreements

EU-India and Human Rights

Free Trade Agreements always have serious consequences for domestic European policy and economy. As negotiations continue on the EU India FTA, Greens are particularly concerned about its effects on an emerging economy with huge pockets of poverty.

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