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EU data protection regulation


LIVE - Press conference Weds. 9 January 10:00-10:30

Ahead of the presentation in the EP's civil liberties and home affairs committee, EP rapporteur/draftsperson Jan Philipp Albrecht will present his legislative report on the EU data protection regulation at a press conference

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Brussels agenda

Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 7-11 January 2013

Greens/EFA priorities for the week include the legislative report on the EU data protection regulation and a press conference on tobacco lobbying, EU Commission ethics and transparency and the Dalli controversy

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Digital Freedom in Foreign Policy

EU must be a force for positive change

The internet and new technologies are playing an increasingly important role in the lives of Europeans and citizens everywhere. While several EU Member States have identified access to internet as a fundamental right, more and more, repressive regimes try to control and censor the internet, sometime...


Call for a progressive agenda on creation and innovation

Second phase of consultation

Send us your input and contribute to the building of a progressive agenda! After the rejection of ACTA, Greens/EFA want to protect the users of the Internet and their fundamental rights, but also have the ambition to tackle issues related to the way society is organized. Creation and innovation depend on how knowledge and information are managed, while they can considerably benefit from the Internet and the new technologies. Their blooming can also play a key role in making society a better place!


Bloggers For Democracy



The spontaneous and extremely rapidly organised protests and actions of online activists and engaged citizens during the Arab Spring brought the governments literally to standstill. But was this really the key to success? Internet and software experts as well as bloggers from Russia, China, Azerbaijan and Egypt will report from their personal experience during the conference.

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Bloggers for democracy

Autocracies fighting back?

The Arab Spring was initiated by a new generation of activists and engaged citizens, who came together on the internet in platforms and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and many other blogs searching for information and exchanging views. Their spontaneous and extremely rapidly organised...

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For a progressive agenda for innovation and creation

Results of Greens/EFA call and second phase of consultation

Send your input by filling the form [Important preliminary note:the views expressed in this document do not reflect the Greens/EFA position but the one of the authors of the respective submissions] We publish here the responses to the call launched in July 2012. We would like to say a great than...


Islands of resilience

Research report by International Modern Media Institute

Locale is rapidly becoming one of the most important competitive differentiators in the provision of cloud-based information technology services. Broadly speaking, three categories of issues define a locale's fitness for hosting the cloud: energy, connectivity, and jurisdiction. Energy is the larges...


Islands of Resilience


Presentation and launch of a study

On Tuesday 25 September 14:00-14:30, Greens/EFA MEPs Indrek Tarand, Judith Sargentini, Christian Engström will present a study Islands of ResilienceComparative Model for Energy, Connectivity and JurisdictionRealizing European ICT possibilities through a case study of Iceland The internet-using e...


Call for a progressive agenda on creation and innovation

Send us your input

This year has seen many important victories over the perpetual increasing of "intellectual property"rights and their enforcement. We do not allege to have a one-stop solution. That is why we are launching this call. We are looking for concrete proposals.

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