European border surveillance (EUROSUR)

Deal reached on technologies for keeping out refugees

The European Parliament and Council yesterday reached agreement on legislation to set up the European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR). The Greens have criticised the proposed system and expressed regret at the agreement, with migration policy spokesperson Ska Keller stating: "Today's deal ...

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Schengen border control

Schengen scale-back confirmed as deal reached on introduction of border controls

The European Parliament and Council yesterday evening reached an agreement on two key legislative files related to the EU’s Schengen border-free system, one on the reintroduction of border controls and one on the evaluation of Schengen. Commenting on the outcome of the proposals to reintroduce bor...

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Human Rights in Russia

Europe must be proactive and support civil society

The Human Rights Committee of the European Parliament held a hearing on Russia today with members of the band "Pussy Riot", William Browder and others. Chair of the Committee, Green MEP Barbara Lochbihler and the vice chair of the Parliamentary Committee on EU-Russia Cooperation, Gr...

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Brussels Agenda

Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 13 - 17 May 2013

Greens/EFA priorities for the week include Tax evasion and banking transparency, EU-Ukraine agreement and ongoing concerns, Reindustrialising Europe the right way, Collective rights management: how to make it work, & Biodiversity: a European instrument for access and benefit sharing

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Syrian refugees

How Europe is "helping"

Europe must accept more Syrian refugees. Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey each offer shelter to more than half a million Syrian refugees. In contrast, all 28 EU member states together have so far accepted only about 8000 refugees.

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EU fingerprint database

MEPs' vote to allow police access to EURODAC flies in the face of asylum seekers' basic rights

The European Parliament's civil liberties committee today endorsed a legislative agreement on the EURODAC database of asylum applicants' and refugees' fingerprints (1), which includes controversial proposals to allow law enforcement authorities access to the database. Commenting after the vote, Gree...

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Smash Smart Borders!

Grüner Protest gegen die Aufrüstung Europas zur elektronischen Festung

Die Grünen Europaabgeordneten Ska Keller und Jan Philipp Albrecht haben heute die Protestfotos der Aktion "Smash Smart Borders" an die EU-Innenkommissarin Cecilia Malmström übergeben. Grüne und AktivistInnen aus Deutschland und ganz Europa haben sich mit einem Smash-Foto an der Aktion beteiligt, um gegen die Aufrüstung Europas zur elektronischen Festung zu protestieren. Die Aktion richtet sich vor allem gegen den jüngsten Vorstoß der Europäischen Kommission zur Grenzüberwachung, "Smart Borders".


Neighbourhood policy

Eastern partnership at a crossroads

After today's presentation of the progress reports on Neighbourhood policy, Greens/EFA foreign affairs spokesperson Werner Schulz commented on the state of play of the Eastern Partnership (for Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia):  "The progress reports show the wh...

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EU border control plans

Big brother technologies not a smart plan for Europe’s borders

The European Commission will today present proposals on the use of new technologies to control Europe's borders. The so-called 'Smart Borders' package includes controversial proposals to register the fingerprints of essentially all non-EU citizens [1] every time they enter and exit the EU, as well a...

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EU-Ukraine summit

Ukraine's leadership frittering away chances for closer relations

Commenting on today's EU-Ukraine summit in Brussels, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said: "Ukraine's political leadership under president Yanukovych is consciously frittering away the chances for an association agreement. "Instead of finally strengthening the rule of law, the situa...

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EU asylum fingerprint database and police access

Basic rights thrown out the window in EP vote on EURODAC

Controversial proposals to allow law enforcement authorities access to the EU's EURODAC database of asylum applicants fingerprints were today approved by the EP's civil liberties committee. Commenting after the vote, Green migration and civil liberties spokesperson Ska Keller (MEP, Germany) stated: ...

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Amygdaleza "The five star Detention Centre"

Green MEPs visit detention centre in Attica, Greece

In November this year, Greens/EFA MEPs visited the Amygdaleza detention center in Attica, Greece. The Amygdaleza detention centre is one of the best in Greece. However, the substandard conditions are unacceptable for an EU member state