Greens/EFA Round-up

Debriefing of the week and plenary session 26-30 March 2012

Priorities for the Greens/EFA group this week included the next step in the fight against ACTA, protecting passenger data, repression in Belarus, strenghtening air passenger rights, enlargement reports, refugee fund, ...

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EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

Further steps must be dependent on real progress on basic rights and democratic reforms

An Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine will be initialed this afternoon. The Greens are calling for further progress and the full signature of the agreement to be made dependent on substantial progress on democratic reforms and the guarantee of basic rights in Ukraine. Commenting on the...

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Refugees and asylum policy

EU better equipped to assist refugees and play a more proactive global role after EP vote

The European Parliament has today adopted new EU legislation aimed at assisting EU member states in improving their ability and capacity to receive refugees. The legislation, which was steered through Parliament by Green MEP and draftsperson Rui Tavares, includes changes to the European Refugee Fund...

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Border controls - Greece

Senseless proposals completely miss the point on asylum challenges

Ahead of today's council of home affairs ministers, a group of 7 member states has presented a set of demands on the issue of immigration in Greece (1). The proposals include, among others, the possibility for EU member states to reintroduce border controls with Greece. The Greens have hit out at th...

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Russia elections

Expected result cannot mask growing gap between Putin and Russian public

The overall outcome of this weekend's presidential election was never in doubt: Vladimir Putin is back for another term as Russia's president. The lack of democratic legitimacy of the election was also never in doubt, given the treatment of opposition politicians in Russia in advance. However, the e...


No e-fortress Europe!

Stop the creation of an electronic fortress Europe!

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Overdue agreement gives boost to both countries' EU prospects

Serbia and Kosovo today reached agreement on two crucial issues under their dialogue process, namely the status of Kosovo in regional cooperation and on border controls. Commenting on the agreement, Green foreign affairs spokesperson and draftsperson for the EP on Kosovo Ulrike Lunacek said: "T...

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External borders

Court ruling on odious Italy-Libya deal has clear implications for EU migration and border policies

The European Court of Human Rights today ruled that Italy violated the rights of migrants by sending them back to Libya under the terms of a bilateral agreement in 2009. The Greens welcomed the ruling and pointed to the implications it has for new EU proposals on border surveillance and control. Com...

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EU-Morocco trade agreement

EP ignores major concerns and gives consent to worrying agreement

The European Parliament today voted to give its consent to the inclusion of a new protocol on agriculture and fisheries in the EU-Morocco trade agreement. The Greens are opposed to the agreement both because of concerns about the impact of liberalised trade on small producers and because the agreeme...

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Counterproductive referendum is unnecessary provocation

Serb-dominated northern regions in Kosovo are holding a referendum on whether or not to recognise the Pristina-based government. Green foreign policy spokesperson Ulrike Lunacek, who is the European Parliament rapporteur/draftsperson on Kosovo, condemned the referendum stating: "This ...

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EU foreign ministers fail to agree on effective economic sanctions against Lukashenko regime

EU foreign ministers today agreed to expand travel restrictions and asset freezes against members of the Lukashenko regime in Belarus in response to the continuation of the poor human rights situation in the country. The Greens believe the measures will not be effective and have called for w...

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