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A Green Investment Plan for Europe

A new path towards sustainable development, prosperity and quality jobs


In response to the European investment plan elaborated by the EU Commission which lacks ambition, means and clear goals, the Greens/EFA group outlined an alternative investment plan for Europe. In their Green investment plan for Europe, the Greens/EFA outlined proposals to mobilise a far more ambitious amount of public funds, which could realistically leverage €750 billion. However, it is not just about the overall amount, it is also about the direction of the investments.

In concrete terms, the goals must be to create a green energy union (based on energy efficiency and renewable energy), to reorient our economy and to stimulate social and green innovation. The plan should lead to increased purchasing power for citizens and improved sustainability of public finances. It should be used to address social exclusion and poverty and empower all citizens to play a dignified role in our society. Such an investment is essential to enable the economy to renew its potential, to escape a deflationary spiral and to stimulate the sustainable transformation of our economy.



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