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Europe in transformation

An international Greens/EFA Conference in Poznan (PL)

INVITATION to an international Greens/EFA Conference

After 20 years of freedom and democracy and six years as member of the European Union, Poland is preparing to take up the rotating presidency of the EU in the second half of 2011.

The Green Group in the European Parliament, the European Green Party and Zieloni 2004 are delighted to invite you to the conference “Europe in transformation.

At this conference, which is also meant to prepare the next European Green summer university in autumn 2011 in Frankfurt/Słubice, we want to discuss the perspectives of an "ever closer Union" and the multiple challenges ahead.

We have invited distinguished speakers from European and national politics, academics and civil society.

All panels with simultaneous translation: PL, EN, D, FR
Open to the public, no admittance fee
Estimated n° of guests: 150

Thursday, 3 March

Registration open

Welcome coffee at the university hall

18.15 - 20.00

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, co-president of the Greens/EFA group
President of the University, Prof. Bronisław Marciniak
Małgorzata Tkacz-Janik , co-president of Zieloni 2004

 Key Note Speech:

  • Danuta Hübner : Building an ever closer Union: the Polish perspective

Reflections by Rebecca Harms, co-president of the Greens/EFA group

Collegium Minus (Main Building of the University)
Reception Hall - Ground Floor

20.30 - 23.30
Buffest dinner followed by a party with Polish live music or DJ
(for conference participants only)


Friday, 4 March

Registration opens

Video Message from Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament

9.30 - 12.00
Neighbours and friends: what’s new in the East?

    Chair: Werner Schulz - Greens/EFA MEP : Opening
    Chair: Isabelle Durant - Greens/EFA : Round-up


  • Krystyna Kurczab-Redlich  Journalist, Poland
  • Kai-Olaf Lang, deputy head of Research Division of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Germany
  • Juri Durkot, journalist, Ukraine


12.15 - 13.00
Press conference (Lecture Hall n° 17 (2nd floor))

Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Rebecca Harms

12.50 - 13.00
Project Presentation: Iron Curtain Trail - a bikeride through European history (presentation by Michael Cramer, MEP)

12.00 - 14.30

14.30 - 16.15
Efficiency, Security and Solidarity - A new energy deal for a new era

Chair: Sandrine Bélier - Greens/EFA MEP : Opening
Chair: José Bové - Greens/EFA /EGP: Round-up Short Presentation by Pierre Jonckheer, Co-President of the Green European Foundation (GEF) and by Dariusz Szwed (co-president of Zieloni 2004) of the study "Green New Deal in Poland"


·         Maciej Nowicki - Former minister for environment, Poland
Robert Cyglicki -  Director of Greenpeace, Poland
·         Grzegorz Wiśniewski - Institute for Renewable Energy, Poland
·         Agata Hinc - Director of the Program "Low Emission Economy", demosEUROPA Centre for European Strategy, Poland


16.30 - 17.45
Discussion: The Arab World -  another wall falling down?

Speaker: Alya Cherif-Chammari

17.45 - 18.00
Closure of the event (Dany Cohn-Bendit)

19.00 - 21.30
Green networking dinner on separate invitation only



Address of the venue: Adam Mickiewicz University
Collegium Minus (Main Building of the University)
Lecture Hall n° 17 (2nd floor)
ul. H. Wieniawskiego 1, 61-712
/ Poland

Participation is free of charge but inscription is requested via the following web-site:

 Participants are requested to book their hotel individually (list of hotels with special prices can be found on our web-site (www.greens-efa.eu → Events → All Events; mention "Green")


Transport information (New timetable)

Arrivals 3 March 2011 in Poznan


From Brussels

07.50 - 11.45 (via Warsaw with LOT)
09.10 - 12.45 (via Prague with Czech Airlines)
12.55 - 16.35 (via Munich with Lufthansa)
13.25 - 17.55 (via Frankfurt with Lufthansa)


From Brussels
19.28 - 7.33 (Thalys to Cologne, Night train from Cologne to Poznan)

From Berlin (main station)
09.40 - 12.20
14:41 - 17:20

From Warszawa (main station)
09:28 - 12.35
14:28 - 17:35

Departures 4 March 2011 from Poznan


To Brussels
18.00 - 22.00 (via Warsaw with Polish Airlines)
17.05 - 20.40 (via Munich with Lufthansa)
18.45 - 22.40 (via Munich with Lufthansa)

 To Paris [CDG]
18.00 - 22.25 (via Warsaw with Polish Airlines)

 To Amsterdam
18.00 - 22.05 (via Warsaw with Polish Airlines)
17.05 - 20.50 (via Munich with Lufthansa)

 To Hamburg
17.05 - 21.05 (via Munich with Lufthansa)
18.45 - 22.40 (via Munich with Lufthansa)

 To Munich
14.50 - 18.20  (via Prague)
18.45 - 20.30 (Polish Airlines)
17.05 - 18.35 (Polish Airlines)


To Brussels (via Cologne)
21.14 - 8.32 (night train to Cologne, then Thalys)

To Berlin
17.35 - 20.12
20.35 - 23.12
21.14 - 00.00 (via Berlin Ostbahnhof)
21.14 - 00.09

To Warszawa Centralna
17.25 - 20.05
17.30 - 20.54
18.25 - 21.10
19.26 - 22.55
20.25 - 23.05

To Hamburg
17.35 - 23.04 (via Berlin Hbf)
21.14 - 7.06 (via Berlin Hbf)


Participation is free of charge but registration is needed via the online form:

Latest version of the conference programme
downloadable here in pdf form

Participants are requested to book their hotel individually.
A list of hotels with special arrangements is available here.

The timetable of flights and trains to and from Poznan is available here (EN) and here (PL) in pdf form.

Further information
please contact Verena Pinzer  verena.pinzer@europarl.europa.eu


Communiqué de presse
Photo by Jannik on Unsplash
Photo by Jannik on Unsplash
Communiqué de presse
Communiqué de presse
Communiqué de presse
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