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Vers un nouveau paradigme européen des migrations

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Welcoming words - MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit

General introduction
Overview of the EU migration policy
- MEP Ska Keller

I. Migrants and their impact on European economies: how to optimize this impact 

MEP Jean Lambert

  1. Migrants and their contribution to social protection systems
  2. Martin Kahanec, Professor at Central European University; Deputy Program Director (Migration), IZA; Scientific Director, CELSI
  3. Migrants and their impact on labour market
    Marco Cilento, Adviser on Migration policies at the European Trade Union Confederation
  4. Migrants' rights: mutual benefits for migrants and host societies?
    Jan Jařab
    , Regional Representative for Europe of the High Commissioner for Human Rights


II. How to get all stakeholders on board for a positive agenda?

MEP Hélène Flautre

  1. Southern countries: which dialogue with the EU?
    Houcine Jaziri, Secretary of State for Migration and Tunisians abroad
  2. European Union: Is the EU and its Member States ready to agree upon and implement a positive approach?
    Giulia Amaducci, Policy Officer from the Integration Unit, DG Home Affairs
  3. Local authorities: how effective integration policies can work? 
    Lilian Ivars, Project Co-ordinator for Integration of Immigrants in the Region of South-Ostobothnia (Finland)


 III. Conclusions: defining a European broadmap

  MEP Rui Tavares


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Ska Keller
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