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Plenary Flash - 6-9 June 2022

Greens/EFA priorities for the plenary session

Fit for 55 package

The Fit for 55 package of files are the tools the EU needs to get right in order to meet the Green Deal and our climate commitments under the Paris Agreement. That’s why for this plenary session we will run a dedicated live blog on our site detailing the background behind each file, quotes from our MEPs and the results of votes as they are published, in an accessible and interactive format. 

Keep up to date on Fit for 55 here:

ETS and Social Climate Fund

Billions from the newly created Climate Investment Fund will foster the expansion of renewable energies, rewarding industrial companies that quickly reduce their emissions and will boost the industrial transition towards CO2-low production. The first-ever Social Climate Fund (ENVI/ EMPL) will support the most vulnerable groups, particularly households affected by energy poverty and individuals affected by transport poverty. With the biggest share to be devoted to structural investments, the Greens/EFA group welcomes that medium and long term solutions will be put in place, further supporting the rise of heating costs in case any possible extension of the ETS (ETS II) to private households and transport applies in the future. 

Following a progressive majority in the Committee on the Environment (ENVI) on amendments on: A climate target of lowering emissions by 67 per percent by 2030, creating a Climate Investment Fund, and an end to free allocations of CO2 certificates by 2031, and a majority in the final Committee vote on a strong negotiation position, the Greens/EFA urge for a strong Parliament mandate for the negotiations with Council and Commission on the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).

Debate: Tuesday, 7 June, 9:00 to 13:50
Vote: Wednesday, 8 June
MEPs: Michael Bloss (Shadow lead committee ENVI), Jakop Dalunde, Bas Eickhout, Marie Toussaint, Sara Matthieu, Katrin Langensiepen
More: Live updates on ETS and Social Climate Fund on our Fit for 55 blog


Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

The EU Parliament’s mandate for the negotiations with the Council and the Commission on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) will be voted on next plenary week. CBAM is complementary to the ETS, in line with the rules of the World Trade Organisation. Pricing CO2 emissions is an instrument to motivate non-EU countries to shift towards sustainable and climate-neutral production. A higher CO2 content leads to higher prices, a lower one to lower prices.

In the lead Committee on the Environment (ENVI), progressive MEPs successfully reached a majority in favour of putting a price on CO2 imports already from 2025 on, while free allowances under the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) will be phased out in cement, aluminium, fertiliser, electricity, iron and steel, organic chemicals, plastics, hydrogen and ammonia industries by 2030. MEPs also call for an EU CBAM authority that will strictly monitor and punish fraud and circumvention attempts, and for financially supporting least developed countries on their way to a decarbonised economy. 

Debate: Tuesday, 7 June, 9:00 to 13:50
Vote: Wednesday, 8 June
MEPs: Manuela Ripa (Shadow ENVI), Damien Carême , Yannick Jadot, Bas Eickhout, Marie Toussaint, Michael Bloss, Jutta Paulus
More: Live updates on CBAM on our Fit for 55 blog


Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF)

In the plenary vote on a revision of the regulation on greenhouse gas emissions and removals from land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF), the European Parliament's Rapporteur Ville Niinistö (Greens/EFA) urges MEPs to follow the vote in ENVI vote on the mandate for negotiations with Council and Commission. The revised regulation would tackle the dramatic consequences of global deforestation for people, animals and biodiversity, the environment and the climate. 

In the current ENVI position, MEPs voted in favour of a new EU carbon sinks goal, which will increase the EU 2030 reduction target to 57% (2% more than proposed by the Commission) and is equivalent to at least 310 million tons CO2. MEPs in the ENVI Committee also stressed the need to separate the objective of enhancing removals by natural carbon sinks (such as forests) from the objective of rapidly and drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions from e.g. non-CO2 agricultural emissions. The Greens/EFA also called for sub-targets for net greenhouse gas emissions from cropland, grassland and wetlands both at EU and member state level. In the case of non-compliance, member states should face a penalty. 

Date: Tuesday, 7 June, from 14:30 
Vote: Wednesday, 8 June
MEP: Ville Niinistö (EP Rapporteur ENVI/ITRE)
More: Live updates on LULUCF on our Fit for 55 blog


CO2 Emission Standards for Cars and Vans

The upcoming plenary vote on the regulation on the revision of the CO2 emission performance standards for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles will set a time and date for the end of the combustion engine and for zero-emission road mobility by 2035 for new passenger cars and vans. 

The regulation is supposed to shift the automotive sector to invest more in the production of zero- and low-emission vehicles and to make electric vehicles cheaper, stimulating consumers to purchase zero-emission cars. The proposal for CO2 emission regulations for cars and vans contains ambitious targets for car manufacturers to reduce the average emissions of new cars sold.

Debate: Tuesday, 7 June, from 14:30
Vote: Wednesday, 8 June
MEPs: Bas Eickhout (Shadow ENVI), Michael Bloss, Karima Delli
More: Live updates on CO2 Emission Standards for Cars and Vans on our Fit for 55 blog


Other plenary topics

Question Time with the Commission on Reducing the use of pesticides and strengthening consumer protection 

On Monday, Members of the European Parliament will have the opportunity to question Commissioner Stella Kyriakides on the use of pesticides in the EU and how the EU can strengthen consumer protection. It comes a week after a report by the NGO Pesticides Action Network (PAN) that shows a continuous upward trend in the contamination of European fruits, despite the EU’s goals to decrease the use of most dangerous pesticides. The Greens/EFA Group has long called on the European Commission to publish its legislative proposal on 'the sustainable use of pesticides’ to stick to the Farm to Fork strategy which calls for a 50% reduction in the use of pesticides by 2030.

This debate happens on the very same day as the ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This is an opportunity to remind the Commission that without a CAP fit for purpose, the EU’s objectives for the reduction of use of synthetic pesticides will remain out of reach.

Debate: Monday, 6 June
MEPs: Sarah Wiener, Benoît Biteau, Thomas Waitz, Michèle Rivasi, Martin Häusling, Tilly Metz, Claude Gruffat, Marie Toussaint, Anna Deparnay-Grunenberg


Council and Commission statements - The rule of law and the potential approval of the Polish national Recovery Plan (RRF)

This week the Commission gave the go ahead to the Polish government’s National Recovery Plan as part of Next Generation EU. The Polish government has agreed with the Commission to implement judicial reforms, however, the Greens/EFA Group have serious concerns that Next Generation EU funds will go to the government before any reforms have been implemented. That is why the Greens/EFA Group called for this debate, in the presence of the Commission, this plenary session. The Greens/EFA Group strongly believe that the rule of law must not be used as a bargaining chip. 

Debate: Tuesday, 7 June
MEPs: Damian Boeselager, Terry Reintke (shadow rapporteur on Poland)

A new trade instrument to ban products made by forced labour 

At the request of the Greens/EFA Group, the European Parliament will hold a debate, followed by the adoption of a resolution, on a new trade instrument to ban products made with forced labour. On May 16th, the INTA committee adopted a resolution calling for an EU import ban for such products.
The Greens/EFA Group call on the European Commission for a trade mechanism to ban any products tainted with forced labour (including forced child labour) and modern slavery. The EU has commissioned a study to better define what such trade mechanisms should exactly entail. This so-called “model law” is scheduled to be presented shortly after the summer break and before the legislative proposal from the European Commission which is expected in September. 

Debate: Thursday, 9 June
Vote: Thursday, 9 June
MEPs: Saskia Bricmont, Reinhard Bütikofer, Anna Cavazzini, Heidi Hautala, Yannick Jadot, Sara Matthieu, Manuela Ripa, Marketa Gregorova
More: We now also have a Forced Labour campaign page on our website - check it out!


The human rights situation in Xinjiang, including the Xinjiang police files

On Wednesday, MEPs will debate and condemn the recent revelations concerning severe human rights violations against the Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in the People's Republic of China, especially in Xinjiang. The new revelations are a challenge for all member states of the European Union. The Greens/EFA call for imposing additional appropriate sanctions.

Debate: Wednesday 8 June
Vote: Thursday, 9 June
MEPs: Reinhard Bütikofer


Council and Commission statements - Global threats to abortion rights: the possible overturn of abortion rights in the US by the Supreme Court - with resolution

Upon the initiative of the Greens/EFA Group, the European Parliament will debate and vote on a resolution titled “Global Threats to Abortion Rights: the possible overturn of abortion rights in the US by the Supreme Court”. The recently leaked US Supreme Court opinion arguing to overturn the landmark case Roe v Wade would, if confirmed, effectively roll back the right to abortion, making the US yet another country to backtrack on women’s rights. This development could have a global ripple effect, threatening the health and lives of millions of women, especially black women, women of colour and minority groups. The Greens/EFA Group will call for the EU to commit to step up to the plate and promote access to sexual and reproductive health services in the EU and around the world. 

Debate: Wednesday, 8 June, from 18:00
Vote: Thursday, 9 June 
MEP: Alice Bah Kuhnke (shadow)


Key debate - European Council and Commission statements - Conclusions of the special European Council meeting of 30-31 May 2022
: Wednesday, 8 June
MEPs: Viola von Cramon, Sergey Lagodinsky

Council and Commission statements - The call for a Convention for the revision of the Treaties
: Thursday, 9 June
MEPs: Daniel Freund

The EEAS’s Climate Change and Defence Roadmap
: Monday, 6 June
Vote: Tuesday, 7 June
MEP: Thomas Waitz (European Parliament rapporteur) 


  • We will be sharing updates on the different Fit for 55 files on our Fit for 55 live blog. Access the blog here to follow the latest news and reactions. 
  • Group Presidents, Ska Keller and Philippe Lamberts will hold the plenary session press briefing on Tuesday, at 10:40.
    Location: Daphne Caruana Galizia Press Room, Weiss N-1/201 or online via European Parliament website. Journalists can ask questions remotely, via Interactio.
  • On Wednesday at 10:30, we will hold a cross-party press conference on Taxonomy with Christoph Hansen (EPP), Paul Tang (S&D), Emma Wiesner (Renew), Bas Eickhout (Greens/EFA) and Silvia Modig (Left). 
    Location: Daphne Caruana Galizia Press Room, Weiss N-1/201 or online via European Parliament website. Journalists can ask questions remotely via Interactio
  • The full plenary agenda for the week can be found on the Parliament website here.
  • The plenary sessions can be followed live here.


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