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Deal reached to protect whistleblowers a victory for the truth


Late last night, the European Parliament, Commission and Council have concluded trilogue negotiations around the proposed EU Whistleblower Protection Directive. The Directive will give legal guarantees and protection to those individuals who want to speak out when they encounter wrong-doing in the work place.

The Directive will now oblige all EU countries to adopt standards to protect whistleblowers, such as clear reporting channels, confidentiality, legal protections and sanctions for those who attempt to persecute whistleblowers.

Benedek Jávor MEP, Greens/EFA spokesperson on transparency and democracy, comments:

"Whistleblowers are drivers of positive change, but for too long they have faced the fear of revenge, reprisals or legal action if they come forward when they encounter criminality, corruption and wrong-doing in the workplace. Finally, those who wish to speak out will be given the support they deserve with protection from criminal and civil liability, as well as sanctions for those who attempt to persecute whistleblowers. Tonight's deal is a victory for the truth and will help hold employers to account.  

"Fear of retaliation, intimidation or legal recriminations for those brave individuals who want to speak out will no longer stand in the way of the truth. Despite last minute attempts by some governments to undermine the proposals, tonight's deal is a victory for the Greens/EFA group and the European Parliament and provides robust and vital protection for individuals.

"The Greens/EFA group have been the driving force campaigning for whistleblower protection and it's been a long road to get here, given that there was no official support for an EU-wide directive when we started campaigning years ago."


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