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Greens/EFA call for embargo on all imports of Russian fossil fuels

Today, Members of the European Parliament are debating the massacres and atrocities being carried out by Russia in Ukraine and the European Union's sanctions against Russia. The Greens/EFA Group calls for the consistent implementation of all sanctions, a monitoring role of the European Commission and the application of the directive against money laundering. Tomorrow, MEPs will vote on a resolution on these sanctions and on a resolution on the protection of children and young people fleeing Ukraine.

Viola von Cramon MEP, Vice-Chair of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with the Ukrainian Parliament and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, comments:

"The images of the massacres in Bucha, Irpin and other Ukrainian cities are unbearable and reveal the full cruelty of Russia's war strategy. Targeting civilians is a war crime and those responsible must be held internationally accountable. We welcome the fact that the Commission has tasked a joint investigation team together with Ukraine to gather evidence and identify those responsible for the war crimes.

“The EU sanctions must be further felt by Russia. The new sanctions package is a right step, but we need to go further. The Greens/EFA Group call for an immediate and full embargo on all imports of Russian gas, oil, coal and nuclear fuels. The EU needs massive investments in renewable energies and energy efficiency. Since sanctions will come at a cost for Russia but to a much lesser extent also for the EU, we call for a solidarity mechanism to cushion the hardships for EU citizens and businesses alike.”

Saskia Brickmont MEP, Greens/EFA member of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committee and shadow rapporteur of the resolution on the Protection of Children and Young people fleeing Ukraine, comments:

"The massive response from citizens across Europe to welcome millions of refugees cannot replace the responsibility of Member States. As of today, 90 percent of those fleeing Ukraine are women and children and at least two and a half million children in Ukraine are displaced. The EU and its Member States must rise to the occasion and spare no resources. We call on Member States to present plans swiftly to ensure all refugees a dignified and ordered welcome. 

"A whole generation of young Ukrainians are now facing an uncertain future, a future that must be ensured by the EU. The Youth Guarantee, which secures education and training for all young people, must be indiscriminately extended to young refugees from Ukraine. Measures such as the implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive and the exceptional mobilisation by European civil society and citizens must serve as an example for the reception of refugees and migrants of all origins."


The debate in the plenary can be followed live now here

For more on tomorrow's resolution, see our Twitter thread here


Responsible MEPs

Saskia Bricmont
Saskia Bricmont
Viola Von Cramon-Taubadel
Viola Von Cramon-Taubadel

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