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EP takes a stand against anti-democratic lurch in Hungary

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution on the worrying situation in Hungary, including a pledge to push ahead with a so-called Article 7.1 procedure against Hungary for undermining fundamental EU values (1). Speaking after the vote, Green civil liberties spokesperson Judith Sargentini said:

"The European Parliament has today taken a stand to uphold fundamental EU values and to combat the dismantling of basic democratic rights in an EU member state. In doing so, it is filling the void left by the other EU institutions, which are unwilling to act."

Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms added:

"The EPP-dominated Council has remained scandalously silent throughout, while the European Commission has focused its criticism on narrow areas, ignoring the broader thrust of the democratic scale-back in Hungary, which is completely at odds with the core values on which the EU is founded. Against this background, it is the duty of the EU parliament to take action to defend democracy in the EU."

Judith Sargentini concluded:

"The EP must now waste no time and push forward as swiftly as possible with an Article 7 procedure. Of course, it is still not too late for the Hungarian government to change course though and to repeal its anti-democratic laws. Clearly, this would be the best outcome for all involved."

(1) Article 7 of the EU treaty provides for a procedure for verifying whether there is breach of core EU values by a member state. The European Parliament can initiate such a procedure. If the EP inquiry concludes there is a breach, it can then recommend that the Council take measures against this, including suspension of voting and other rights in Council.


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Rebecca Harms
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Judith Sargentini

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