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Khordokovsky trial

Show trial verdict a further blow to rule of law in Russia

Former Russian oil oligarch Mikhail Khordokovsky has been found guilty of embezzlement at a controversial second trial in Moscow today, a year ahead of his expected release under a previous conviction. The Greens have criticised the event as a show trial. Commenting on the ruling, Green MEP and chair of the European Parliament subcommittee on human rights Heidi Hautala said:

"The sadly inevitable outcome of the Khordokovsky show trial deals a further blow to the rule of law in Russia and makes a mockery of President Medvedev's 'modernisation agenda'. While the deaths of Anna Politkovskaya, Natalya Estemirova, Stanislav Merkelov and Sergei Magnitsky remain unaccounted for, the Russian judiciary and its kangaroo court has no such difficulty delivering a verdict in Mikhail Khordokovsky's case. It is simply not credible to talk of modernisation in a state with such a highly politicised judiciary, which openly flouts the rule of law.”


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Heidi Hautala
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