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MEPs adopt Ecodesign and Right to Repair Regulations

Right to Repair

Today, MEPs voted in favour of the Right to Repair and the Ecodesign Regulation. These long-awaited victories will revolutionise our consumption habits, not only by extending the lifespan of consumer products, resulting in substantial savings for consumers, but also by paving the way for the creation of numerous jobs, and saving billions in energy and raw materials. The Greens/EFA Group has long been advocating for an overhaul of current practices, and welcomes both these files, which pave the way towards a more affordable, sustainable, and circular future for consumers.


Sara Matthieu MEP, Greens/EFA shadow rapporteur on the Ecodesign Regulation for the ENVI committee, comments:

“The new law on circular product design is a victory in our fight for the environment and the climate. Our clothes, furniture, electrical appliances and a long list of other products will be designed to be more repairable, reusable and recyclable. This law will also prohibit manufacturers from destroying their unsold and returned clothes and shoes in incinerators or dumping them in landfills, putting an end to a reckless practice that harms our planet.

“ By entrusting manufacturers with the responsibility of making their products easily repairable, reusable, and recyclable, this law not only makes products safer and better for the environment, it also benefits consumers' wallets.

“Besides establishing a broad set of minimum product standards, the law introduces a digital product passport. This offers information on a product's origin, composition, possibilities for repair and disassembly, among other things. This makes the lives of both companies and citizens a lot easier and cheaper,promoting more informed and responsible consumption.”


Anna Cavazzini MEP, Greens/EFA shadow rapporteur on Right to Repair for the IMCO committee, comments:

“The new right to repair law is a true revolution. By making repair faster, easier and more affordable, we weaken the power of corporations like Apple, who will no longer dictate the lifespan of our products.

“These measures not only benefit the environment and consumers but also pave the way for profitable business models. Embracing repair, reusability, and recyclability creates opportunities for innovative businesses to thrive in a circular economy. This helps us save resources, create more local jobs and reduce costs for citizens. Manufacturers will be required to repair certain products like smartphones, washing machines and vacuum cleaners on customer demand. Spare parts and manuals will be accessible and affordable also for independent repairers. And a prolongation of the legal guarantee in case of repair is a great incentive to give a longer life to a defective product instead of throwing it away.

“Research shows that people only repair their products when the price is 30-40% lower than a new product. As an additional incentive for consumers to opt for repair, the legal guarantee of conformity is extended by one year if they opt for repair. Today is a historic day that marks the end of throwaway culture. We celebrate a victory for the environment, for local employment, for consumer empowerment, and for the emergence of profitable and sustainable business models. The right to repair is a necessary update to our high consumer protection standards that brings the EU closer to its citizens.“


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Anna Cavazzini
Anna Cavazzini
Sara Matthieu
Sara Matthieu

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