Smazaný účet

Smazaný účet

Our YouTube page for our podcast was permanently banned on the grounds that it contained „pornography.“ We believe it’s simply because we dared to represent zoosexuality in a positive light.

The content of our videos were not pornographic, and they were in no way intended to be viewed as such. The content we create serves a marginalized community of a scientifically recognized sexual orientation. Our content is educational, informative, humorous, and positive. All of the content, furthermore, is audio-based, with no explicit visuals. YouTube serves content that benefits the LGBTQ community, and at times, the discussion is explicit. Our podcast is very much the same — one will struggle to talk about sexuality without discussing sex — however, while informative, this content doesn’t veer into pornographic territory. We struggle to see how someone could masturbate to long-winded conversations about animal welfare or emails from listeners expressing the positive effect our programming has had on their lives.

Further, programming that serves to bully and marginalize our sexual minority exist in multitudes on the platform. We sought to balance out the negative noise with positivity, as many young zoosexuals use platforms like YouTube to find more information.

It’s true that some people will look at this story and think, „Good Riddance,“ but that’s all the more reason for our positive message to have a platform. Traditionally, we are not allowed to have a voice; to use our own voices to defend and uplift ourselves and the animals we love is taboo. That’s what makes our programming so powerful.

Our message is two-fold:
„Exposure is the solution:“ only through being visible can we effect meaningful change.
„Stay defiant:“ we can only be visible by defying the status quo that seeks to silence us.

YouTube has sought to deplatform and silence a program for a sexual minority that otherwise has abided by their TOS.

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