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Car noise

Centre-right MEPs back noisy car lobby and weaken draft EU rules

The European Parliament today voted on proposals to revise EU rules on noise from vehicles. The Greens criticised the outcome of the vote, after centre-right MEPs backed amendments to weaken the draft legislation that was already low on ambition. After the vote, Green environment and public health spokesperson Satu Hassi (MEP, Finland) said:

"Centre-right MEPs have shamelessly backed the demands of noisy carmakers and voted to weaken draft EU rules on vehicle noise. This vote may be a victory for the noisy car industry, with the din of its intense lobby still echoing around parliament, but it is clearly a loss for public health and the environment.

"Despite the clear evidence of the negative impact of noise pollution on public health, a majority of MEPs backed proposals for weaker noise limit values. Combined with various other exemptions, which were also endorsed today, the overall result will lead to no meaningful improvement in EU rules on vehicle noise. Given this is the first time this legislation has been updated in 20 years, this makes today's vote all the more irresponsible.

"By voting to put the interests of noisy carmakers and drivers ahead of public health and the environment, centre-right MEPs have made a mockery of their role as supposed representatives of European citizens. We call on EU governments to put public health first, when environment ministers consider the draft legislation."


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