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Greens/EFA Group call for EU Directive to put an end to gender-based violence, including cyberviolence

Today, the European Parliament will debate on combating gender-based cyberviolence. Gender-based cyberviolence is a continuation of offline gender-based violence, which has been increasing with the rapid spread of mobile information and the use of social media. It puts vulnerable people, such as women and LBTIQ+ persons, particularly at risk. The Greens/EFA Group are calling for a directive to combat all forms of gender-based violence, including cyberviolence.


Sylwia Spurek MEP, Greens/EFA Vice Chair of the FEMM Committee and co-rapporteur on the file, comments:

“Gender-based cyberviolence has a devastating effect on individuals’ dignity and lives. It is part of a continuum of violence and often spills over into the offline world. It particularly affects activists, female journalists and politicians, women and LGBTIQ people. It's about human rights and democracy.

“While this form of gender-based violence knows no borders, we still lack a common definition at EU-level, leaving victims with varying levels of protection across Member States. The definition of the categories of gender-based cyberviolence also vary across countries, leading to several gaps and differences in the ways in which it is tackled.

“Gender-based cyber violence cannot be tackled without putting an end to offline gender-based violence. The most effective way to end gender-based cyberviolence is to create a directive covering all forms of gender-based violence.”

Tackling gender-based cyber violence is made more difficult by the lack of a harmonised definition of gender-based cyberviolence at the EU-level. This is why the Members of the European Parliament will debate and vote on recommendations to combat gender-based cyberviolence this week, ahead of the Commission proposal on gender-based violence expected for next year. Watch today's debate here.

The report will be voted on Tuesday.  



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Sylwia Spurek

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