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Jordi Solé calls on Olaf Scholz to defend the European Democratic values

EFA Group President, Jordi Sole intervened in plenary today during the Europe day debate, to address Olaf Scholz Prime Minister of Germany, asking the Chancellor to halt any relations with anti-democratic tendencies.

“Today is Europe Day. Today, and actually every day, we can congratulate ourselves on the successes of European integration. Many of these achievements have been driven by your country.” The EFA MEP noted.

The Catalan MEP raised his concerns with the situation in Europe today and the rise of “illiberal” and anti-democratic tendencies that pose a threat to the European Project, and asked to take a clear stand when these governments attempt against the democratic values of the European Union. 

“However, we still have a lot to do to ensure that the EU grows together into a more coherent entity. For example, when it comes to democracy and fundamental rights. We must say loud and clear that the illiberal tendencies of some European governments are incompatible with the European project.”

MEP Solé also addressed the situation of minorities and stateless nations, remembering they are too part of this Europe, and how we cannot ignore when Member States start abusing police force against its own citizens or the judicial powers to prosecute freedom of expression. 

Jordi Solé, EFA Group President said:

“We need to be aware of what it means when member countries fall behind in press freedom rankings, when governments politicize the judiciary, or when legitimate democratic aspirations for self-determination are confronted with state violence and judicial harassment.”

“That too is Europe today. And we urgently need the will and courage of big countries like yours to reverse these anti-democratic and anti-European tendencies.” He concluded

Stefan Seidler, EFA Member of the Bundestag by South Schleswig Voters' Association party (SSW) said:

"Democracy must be measured by the way it treats its minorities. Even if there is still room for improvement in Germany, I see it as Germany's claim to be a European pioneer in the protection of minorities.”

“The importance of minority protection does not stop at any border. That's why it's clear to me: It is crucial for a German pioneering role to demand the observance of minority rights within the framework of European cooperation."


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Jordi Solé
Jordi Solé
EFA President and first Vice President of the Greens/EFA Group

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