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EU must change from a kerosene tax paradise to a global pioneer for climate action

Aviation/CO2 tax

The non-governmental organisation "Transport and Environment" today published a study, kept secret by the European Commission, on the consequences of a kerosene tax on aviation. In its study, the European Commission comes to the conclusion that an EU kerosene tax would reduce the CO2 emissions of European aviation by eleven percent without negative effects on the economy. Unlike the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan and Saudi Arabia, no EU member state taxes kerosene. According to the study, a kerosene tax of 33 cents per litre would reduce CO2 emissions from European aviation by 11 percent or 16.4 million tonnes of CO2 and significantly contribute to achieving the Paris climate targets. 

Bas Eickhout, climate spokesperson of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament and leading candidate of the European Green Party for the European elections, comments:

"The European Union must change from a kerosene tax paradise to a global pioneer for climate action. 

"Aviation must finally pay its fair contribution to achieving the Paris climate targets. It is unacceptable that most CO2 producing aviation benefits from the advantages of non-taxation and distorts European competition.

"The story that taxation of air transport endangers the economy is a fairy tale, the study shows that climate protection does not harm the economy.

"The European Union must no longer let the biggest climate sinners, such as aviation and shipping, get away cheaply. Thousands of young people are calling on EU governments and the European Commission to take scientific evidence seriously and take action on climate change. The European Union must set a good example for a global climate action plan, introduce a kerosene tax and present a plan for an EU-wide CO2 tax".

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