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Citizens' energy for a good climate

A participatory debate about Poland and its future

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At the next COP19, all eyes will be on Poland. Not only will the country have the chance to lead the UN climate negotiations and play a key role on the international stage, it will also have an opportunity to weight in the debate about the future of the European Union itself. For this reason, the Greens/EFA group organise a debate with both the Polish citizens and activists from around the world. Our aim is to give everybody an opportunity to express their views about the Polish, European and global choices about the future.

Target public:
Leaders and multipliers engaged in initiatives or citizens’ networks, interested citizens.

Zieloni Polska, Polish Climate Coalition, Heinrich Böll Foundation – Warsaw office, Warsaw University, Forum Od-Nowa, OIKOS, European Green Party, Federation of Young European Greens.

Film screening 'Drill, baby drill' + debate
Thursday 14 November 2013   19:00

Skwer Hoover'a, Krakowskie Przedmieście 60A, Warsaw
Attention: the number of places is limited (reservation needed)

After the film we invite for a discussion with the director - Lech Kowalski, José Bové (MEP) and people who protest against shale gas exploitation in Poland.

Friday - 15 November

9:00 – registration and coffee 9:30Introductory speechRebecca Harms – co-president of the Group of Greens/EFA in the European Parliament 9:45–10:45 - Panel 1 (PL/EN/FR/DE)
Poland, European Union, the Earth – what should be the ambition for the Polish COP 19 presidency

Moderator: Bas Eickhout – MEP, the Netherlands

  • Anders Wijkman - vice president of Club of Rome and the Tällberg Foundation, christian democrat from Sweden, councillor for the World Future Council
  • Jagoda Munic - chairperson Friends of the Earth International
  • Agnieszka Grzybek - co-president of the Polish Greens
11:00–11:30 - Coffee break  11:30–13:00 - Parallel workshops

Discussion 1 (PL/EN/FR/DE)

Renewable jobs - jobs in renewables – facts and myths Moderator: Yannick Jadot – Green MEP from France Speakers:
  • Claude Turmes – rapporteur of the EP for the renewable energy, MEP Luxembourg
  • Dr. Filip Thon, CEO, RWE Polska
  • Tomasz Podgajniak – Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy, former minister of Environment
  • Dr. Karolina Jankowska - researcher, Fraunhofer Institute

Discussion 2 (PL/EN)

Coal in Poland: Treasure or poisoned chalice? Moderator: Satu Hassi – Green MEP from Finland Speakers:
  • Oliver Krischer - Green member of the German Bundestag from North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Dr. Małgorzata Tkacz-Janik – Green deputy of the Regional Assembly in Silesia
  • Julia Huscher - Coal and Health Officer – Health and Environment Alliance - co-author of the report HEAL – ‘The unpaid health bill’
  • Radosław Gawlik - environmental activist, former deputy minister of environment, leader of Eko-Unia
13:00-14:00 - Lunch 14:00-15:30 - Have Your Say! co-operative discussion game Energy Re-mix Poland needs to define its energy mix - a mix that will secure heating and electricity provision for decades to come. Participants of the cooperative discussion game Energy Re-mix will jointly decide on which energy sources it should be based. 15:30-16:00 - Coffee break 16:00-16:30 - Harvesting/presentation of the results (30 min) to the Plenary 16:00 - coffee break 16:30-18.00 - Poland 2030 – strategic choices in social and territorial development

Discussion 3 (PL/EN/FR/DE)

City movements – changing space, changing society Moderator: Artur Celiński (Res Publica Nowa) Speakers
  • Magdalena Wrzesień – architect – city planner, leader of ODBLOKUJ and member of Forum Od-Nowa associations
  • Michal Boni – Minister for Administration and Digitalisation, Poland
  • Joanna Erbel - City activist, researcher

Discussion 4 (PL/EN)

Agriculture, food, energy  – what investment is needed in the rural areas in Poland? Moderator: Adam Wajrak (Gazeta Wyborcza)
  • Jose Bové - Green MEP from France
  • Henryk Wujec – advisor to the President of Poland
  • Ewa Koś – Green deputy of the Regional Assembly in West Pomerania
  • Rebeka Szabo – Member of the Hungarian Parliament, expert on land grabbing and agriculture issues
18:00-18:30 Joint feedback session 20:00 Green city lights – a drink with a DJ (Sztuki i Sztuczki, Szpitalna 8a)


Saturday 16 November

9:00-10:30 Breakfast meeting:
What gives you energy to work for society?
Moderator: Roman Kurkiewicz
Guest: José Bové (MEP from France) and Mira Stanisławska-Meysztowicz (Foundation Our Earth) 10:30-12:00 - Mobilizing People for a healthier, cleaner, greener Poland

How could a greener Poland inspire the rest of the World and lead the way towards a successful outcome of the climate negotiations? (PL/EN/FR/DE) Moderator: Bas Eickhout
  • Maciej Muskat - leader of Polish Greenpeace
  • Dipti Bhatnagar - Co-Coordinator, Climate Justice & Energy Program, Friends of the Earth International, Mozambique
12:00 - Special floor to representatives of the NGOs (that arrive by train BXL-WAW) (PL/EN/FR/DE) 12:45 - Conclusion of the conference (PL/EN/FR/DE) – Rebecca Harms 13:15-13:30 - Photo/ Action outside of the building with the speakers and all participants 14:00-14:30 - Join the NGOs march coordinated by Green Zone Foundation. All the participants are invited to join in.



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Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash
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Windmills/ CC0 anna-jimenez-calaf
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Responsible MEPs

José Bové
José Bové
Karima Delli
Karima Delli
Bas Eickhout
Bas Eickhout
Rebecca Harms
Rebecca Harms
Yannick Jadot
Yannick Jadot
Claude Turmes
Claude Turmes

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