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Climate mainstreaming und der mehrjährige Finanzrahmen

Unterstützt der neue EU-Haushalt die Erreichung unserer Klimaziele?



9.30 - 9.35

Introduction by Elisabeth Schroedter & David Baldock - Executive Director IEEP 


9.35 - 11.00

I.  Which contribution from cohesion- and structural funds to fight climate change?

Chair:  Elisabeth Schroedter

1. Presentation of the future budget and spending priorities  Peter Berkowitz, future of cohesion policy - European Commission / DG Regio

2. 'Cohesion Policy delivering on EU climate targets in Central and Eastern Europe - ways to unlock potentials for energy and resource efficiency" Markus Trilling from CEE bankwatch

3. Measuring the climatic impact of cohesion policy operational programmes: The French carbon emissions evaluation tool NECATER (Case study) Pierre-françois Clerc from the DATAR – Responsible for Sustainable development.


11.00 - 12.30

II. Greening the CAP- increasing the resilence of agri-ecosystems

Chair: Bas Eickhout

1.       Presentation of  the future budget and spending priorities - Ms Myriam Driessen - Policy Co-ordinator - Climate change, forestry and bioenergy  European Commission / DG AGRI. H.4 - Bioenergy, biomass, forestry and climatic changes

2.          How can CAP reform help the EU meet climate targets? - David Baldock - Executive Director IEEP 

3.       Meat production and climate effects - How can CAP reform contribute to more climate friendly livestock rearing- Reinhild Benning FoE Germany

4.       How the proposed "Ecological focus areas" can increase resilience of  agro-ecosystems -Faustine Defossez -Agriculture and Bioenergy policy officer EEB



Conclusion remarks by Bas Eickhout

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