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How do we shape and grow a green tech sector from a consumer angle?

Greens/EFA’s roundtable. Register here

Digital and new technologies could be the key for the European Union to become climate neutral by 2050. Now, it’s Europe’s job to make sure that the green and digital transformation go hand-in-hand and do not work against each other. 
The European Commission has pledged to push forward innovation and digitalisation at the same time as reaching climate neutrality. “Green” and “digital” are linchpins for Europe’s sustainable recovery from the Covid-19 crisis.  The green and the digital transition are now high on the European Parliament’s agenda. 

In a series of roundtable discussions, we’re inviting experts, representatives of NGOs and citizens to discuss questions at the heart of building a green and digital society: how can we use IT to benefit society? How can we advance research and accelerate our climate transition? How can we make sure digitalisation doesn’t hinder our environmental goals. 

After the roundtables, we’ll use your ideas to draft a digital green manifesto, including policy recommendations for how the European Union can increase the use of digital tech and reduce its ecological footprint. We’ll be asking how the EU can reduce the environmental impact of digital technology and still be a world leader for digital innovation and the tech sector. We’ll hear from NGOs working to make the tech sector greener by:

-> building sustainable electronic devices
-> developing environmentally-friendly software
-> and protecting the consumers

We’ll be asking how the EU can reduce the environmental impact of digital technology and still be a world leader for digital innovation and the tech sector. 


  • Introduction by MEP Sara Matthieu (5 minutes)
  • Presentation by Chloé Mikolajczak on how we can introduce a mandatory EU-wide reparability scoring systems for all electricals and electronic products sold across the EU (10 minutes)
  • Presentation by Lionel Weidmann on how the EU can support repairers and refurbishers to issue legal guarantees for their repair actions and the sale of second-hand goods (10 minutes)
  • Presentation by  Ronan Groussier on how  soft- and hardware can be designed to overcome programmed obsolescence. It will also discuss which dissuasive sanctions should be put in place in case of proven case of premature obsolescence, being hardware or software related  (10 minutes) 
  • Questions from the audience (10 minutes) 
  • Conclusion by MEP David Cormand (10 minutes)



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David Cormand
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Sara Matthieu
Die Grünen/EFA im Europäischen Parlament