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Pre-trial detention in the EU

Live Webinar hosted by EFA MEP Diana Riba i Giner


Wednesday 26 May - 11am - 12pm (Brussels time)

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Pre-trial detention (depriving suspects and accused people of their liberty before the conclusion of a criminal case) is intended to be an exceptional measure, only to be used as necessary and proportionate and in compliance with the presumption of innocence and the right to liberty. Its use is only acceptable as a measure of last resort, in very limited circumstances. Unfortunately, in the EU as around the world, these strict limitations are not always respected. The EU is facing a long-standing crisis in prison overcrowding that threatens to undermine mutual trust and the functioning and legality of mutual recognition instruments like the European Arrest Warrant. Overcrowding, and the rights violations it causes, is driven in part by excessive use of pre-trial detention, in contravention of regional and international standards. The European Commission and Parliament have, for the past five years, repeatedly recognised the need for improved standards of pre-trial detention. Recent decisions from the Court of Justice of the European Union have again pushed the need for regional legislation to the fore. We will discuss what the EU can and should do about pre-trial detention.



  • Laure Baudrihaye-Gérard, Legal Director (Europe), Fair Trials (study)
  • Adur Ramírez, Altsasu youth representative
  • Vania Costa Ramos, Criminal defence lawyer and CPT member for Portugal
  • Jesca Beneder, Team Leader, European Arrest Warrant (EAW)/Detention - European Commission (DG JUST)
  • Saskia Bricmont, MEP (Greens/EFA)





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Diana Riba i Giner
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