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The Rise of the Far Right: How to Counter it and Defend Human Rights in Europe?

The alarming rise of the far right in Europe casts a shadow on the progress of equality, human rights and freedom of all. This shift raises serious concerns for the countries affected, as well as the European Union as a whole.

With less than one year to go before the EU elections, how can progressive politicians and civil society activists get more organized to effectively promote and protect human rights?

Join the discussion on Saturday 16 September with political leaders and human rights advocates.

Date and time: Saturday 16 September, 13:00 - 15:00

Details on the venue will be shared with the registered participants.



Moderation: Ruth Baldacchino (they/them) - Associate Director of Programs (Intersex Fund), at Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

13.05 Opening words: Kira Peter-Hansen (she/her) - Member of European Parliament, Denmark

13.15 Keynote speech: Petra De Sutter (she/her) - Deputy Prime Minister, Belgium

13.35 Discussion:

  • Fourat Ben Chika (he/him, they/them), Senator, Belgium and Former General Rapporteur on LGBTI+ rights at the Council of Europe
  • Maja Morachanin (she/her), Member of Parliament, President of the Green Party in Macedonia
  • Aron le Fèvre (he/him), Deputy Director of the Global Equality Caucus, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Consultant, Parliamentarians for ​Global Action

14.30 Q&A

14.50 Closing words: Kira Peter-Hansen (she/her) - Member of European Parliament, Denmark

15.00 End of event


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