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What our interns say about their experience

Recent Greens/EFA stagiaires on working for the group

What our interns say about their experience.

Our interns play an enormous role in assisting the work of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament. We are very grateful for all their help and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

Curious about what they thought of their work here? Read their impressions and if you are interested in applying for an internship with us check the conditions here.



Doing my internship with the Greens/EFA and FYEG has been an incredibly fun and educational experience. During my time in the EU-bubble, I have worked within the respective communications departments of the Group and FYEG, and have gained remarkable insights into the workings of political communications and the European Parliament. In the meantime, I have developed my own skillsets within design, video editing, social media management and communications strategy, and have made friends for life along the way. The many wonderful experiences I have had are something I will take with me in my continued Green journey, wherever it may be!

Julia Berntsson, October 2023-February 2024

I am thankful for the time I spent with Green/EFA Group and I couldn’t be more happy to be part of this political family.

Nefertiti Bikin-kita, October 2023-February 2024

My traineeship experience with the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament provided precious insight into the workings of EU institutions as well as the laws that define and shape our lives as European citizens. My background being multidisciplinary (applied arts and sustainability studies), it has been my first experience in such close proximity to European political processes. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn first-hand and the chance to meet the dedicated staff and MEPs in the group. It has been deeply rewarding to put my skills to use in the advancement of more greener and equitable society. Thanks so much for the memories, Greens/EFA!

Kelly Dochy, October 2023-February 2024

If you want to work as part of a team that actually values and cares about your personal wellbeing and career development. If you want to work on files that actually matter to us, Europeans, given real responsibility from the start, but also receive guidance, compassion and patience to develop your skills. If you want to feel like the internship is actually FOR YOU, helping you to become the best version of yourself both on a personal and a professional level. Then, I would highly recommend you this internship possibility. 

Dániel Lakatos, October 2023-February 2024

Joining the Greens/EFA Group has been a truly amazing experience. It was fantastic to see how the European Parliament functions behind the scenes, and especially interesting to see how the press team works. The entire Communications unit was welcoming and supportive at every stage of the traineeship, and I feel very grateful for the time I have spent working with everyone. It was particularly interesting to join the team as we near the end of the mandate, and the focus shifts towards the upcoming European elections. Getting to know my fellow trainees was also incredibly rewarding and added to the experience immensely.

Molly Purcell, October 2023-February 2024

As someone who has always cared about green values and politics, interning with the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament has been such a rewarding, eye-opening experience. I met some amazing people and learned so much about the European legislative process. Everyone is so welcoming and opening, and it is a great introduction to the European Institutions. I worked in the office of the Secretary-General of the group, so had the opportunity to witness first-hand the high-level, fast-paced nature of the work of a political group. I would absolutely recommend!

Molly Walker, October 2023-February 2024


Working with the Greens/EFA has been an amazing experience. Professionally I had the opportunity to observe the functioning of the European Institutions up close, be involved in the legislative process and to contribute to the work of the Greens. Personally, it was more than a pleasure to work with such amazing people that are passionate about their work, are always nice and helpful.

Ileana Okumus, September 2022 – February 2023


This internship really has given me a unique taste of what it means to work in a highly dynamic, fast-paced, political environment. As part of the communications team, I had the chance to participate in many interesting events and to meet MEPs and stakeholders from many different topics and backgrounds. I gained insights into the complex and versatile strategic and ad-hoc work of a large communications team. It gave me a clearer vision of my next career steps and I will forever cherish the many fun and inspiring moments I had with my team of colleagues, supervisors and fellow interns.

Louisa Von Essen, September 2022 – February 2023


I enjoyed so much to be part of such a committed group of people, mostly young and coming from many different countries and life experiences. I have been proud to be part of this green family of people that see themselves not only as workers, but also in some ways, activists. I love this phrase “We as Greens don’t want to do what is possible, but what is just”. I hope to be back again in this great environment, one day.

Giacomo Zattini, February-July 2022


Joining the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life – both professionally and personally. It allowed me to develop a strong understanding of EU policy-making particularly within the European Parliament, but also in its interaction with other European Institutions. Quickly becoming an essential part of the team, I particularly enjoyed always having an overview of all issues happening on Committee level as well as learning how to strategically lead negotiations with other political groups and other European institutions. Working together with several stakeholders furthermore hepled to quickly build a network of people inside the European Institutions as well as with civil society organisations. I really enjoyed working in an international environment with colleagues sharing the same values, fighting together for a environmentally and socially just Europe and hence strongly recommend applying!

Léonie Bühler, February-July 2022

I have been an activist since I was 16 years old and have been involved with the Green movement since about 5 years. The internship with the Campaigns and Outreach Team of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament allowed me to contribute to the Green movement at the EU-level. Helping to push forward Green ideas has been an amazing and fulfilling experience that I can only recommend.

Robin Ehl, February-July 2022

The past 5 months with the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament have been an absolute joy. As part of the group’s press team, I have been able to learn about press work in the EU bubble from a knowledgeable and talented team. I was warmly welcomed by them and the entire Communications Unit from the very start. I was certainly very lucky to be a part of this group during a time where COVID restrictions lifted - the group retreat was certainly one of the highlights. I was also very fortunate to witness how the Greens/EFA fared during a time with unprecedented societal challenges like the war in Ukraine and the climate crisis. Getting a peek behind the scenes and actively contributing to the group’s agenda was very rewarding. I really loved every second of my time at the EP and I will miss my team dearly.

Timothy Cullen, February-July 2022

These months have been an absolute blessing, especially on a personal level. I have been inspired by truly genuine people, which have forever marked my working and personal development. After this experience, I won’t be able to settle in a toxic work environment, because the Greens/EFA have taught me that to respect other people (and the environment), you have to first learn to respect yourself!

Marco Piana, February-July 2022

Working for the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament has been one of the most amazing, rewarding and interesting experiences of my life. I worked with the International Affairs cluster team on EU trade policies. During the internship, I gained real awareness and knowledge of the functioning of the European Parliament and I had the opportunity to be involved in the legislative process since the first week. I have learned a lot and I could not have asked for a better experience to start my career. The entire team was very kind and supportive; it was an honour to work with them. I really enjoyed every single moment during the five months.

Giulia Antonini, September 2021-February 2022


I had the chance to see “how the sausage is made”: working in campaigning has always been my dream (and it still is!) and these five months gave me a glance of the full engine behind an effective campaign. Watching professional campaigners building and delivering projects on topic I personally care about was a life-changing experience. Moreover, living the “behind-the-scene” moments at the EP was amazingly interesting.

Martina Comparelli, September 2021-February 2022


Working with the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament has been a really great experience – both professionally and personally. It allowed me to develop a strong understanding of EU policy-making and the functioning of legislative processes within the European institutions, in particular the European Parliament. As I was working for the Green and Social Economy Cluster, I had the chance to get insights into the work of various committees and was able to contribute, but especially to expand my knowledge on socio-economic topics that perfectly matched my interests. I really enjoyed working in this international environment where people with very different backgrounds, but similar values and beliefs meet and work together towards an environmentally and socially just Europe!

Julia Radlherr, September 2021-February 2022


Working for the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament was a great opportunity for me and my future career. Not only did I learn a lot about the Group, gain different insights into European politics and expand my knowledge in communications, but I was also surrounded by a welcoming and peaceful working environment and made friends in the heart of Brussels. It was an experience I will never forget.

Julie Wego, September 2021-February 2022


I believe working for the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, even if for just 5 months, changed my life and will open doors to my future to achieve my goals – change the world for the better.

As part of the ITRE Committee in the Ecological Transition cluster, I acquired new skills and knowledge on a wide range of disparate but very interesting topics. The team is extremely supportive and professional, and I feel pleased that I had the chance to know them. The person I am the most grateful to is my supervisor who gave me tasks with the aim of developing my knowledge and skills, and who always found time to answer my endless questions.

I strongly recommend to apply for internship to everyone who wants to experience a life-changing period within a political group made of great values, commitment, energy, professionality and amazing people.

András Takács, February - July 2021


Working with the Greens/EFA Group has been an amazing experience. Especially being a Friday For Future activist, it has given me a foot in the door to really experience what is going on behind the scenes and how we as young people can contribute to this change.

Anuna De Wever, February 2020 - July 2021


Interning with the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament and working with the AFET/DROI policy advisor has been an enriching experience.

It opened my eyes to the dynamic work and ever-changing political environment in which European politics is driven. It has been a constant learning experience; I have learned most about the passion and drive this Group brings to European politics, about the political views of different organisations and how ongoing political negotiations feed into the output of EP. I have come to understand that the work of the political group is an ever-evolving thing, highly dependent on the competence and input of those involved at the technical level. It has been fulfilling to be a part of this formation.

It has been formative professionally, as it has become more clear to me the role CSO’s and policy research plays. Overall, the most important knowledge I gained revolved around political negotiation, agenda-setting and networking. The challenges of teleworking aside, it has been inspiring to work in a team with advisors and MEPs truly motivated to contribute to a better future. Being exposed to and seeing affirmed this morally based tenacity alone gives me a reason to recommend this experience to future potential interns.

Chibuye Changwe, February - July 2021


Working for the Greens/EFA Group… what an experience! During the past months, I contributed to develop the activities of the Campaigns and Outreach unit and I can definitely say these have been incredible months. Indeed, it was interesting to see closely the dynamics of the Parliament, participate in the battles and achievements of the campaigns and contribute to shape the outreach actions for this political project. Even if in COVID-19 times, I totally felt part of this incredible team and I am extremely thankful to all my colleagues because thanks to their energy and kindness, everything has been smoother. If you are looking for a place where people fight for human rights, environmental and social issues, this is the place for you! I definitely suggest this experience!

Sara Pettinelli, February - July 2021


As an intern in the Press unit of the Greens/EFA I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing and motivated team, gained precious experience in European politics and could work on interesting and challenging tasks. I enjoyed a lot working and living in the beating heart of Europe and being inspired by the international atmosphere. If you are green-minded, fascinated by European politics and ready to change our world to a better place, this internship is exactly the right thing for you!

Antoine Ferraris, September 2020 - February 2021


Being part of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament and work with the AFET/DROI policy advisor for more than 10 months has been one of the most inspiring and formative experiences of my life, both at a professional and personal level. Despite the difficult situation and the unusual teleworking conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I integrated in the team and I found myself in an incredibly stimulating multicultural working environment where your opinions and ideas are listened and valued, also by MEPs. Overall, the experience far exceeded my expectations and gave me the chance not only to get solid insights of the EP’s functioning and internal dynamics but also to meet wonderful people. Joining the Greens/EFA group means contributing to the work and activities of a truly committed political group that actively fights for human rights, economic and environmental justice, climate action, gender equality and, overall, a better Europe. An extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience that I can only recommend!

Bianca Mizzi, February 2020 - January 2021


My experience as an intern in the Greens/EFA group helped me to better understand the way the European institutions work and the struggles to communicate it across Europe. I had the opportunity to join the Communications team, a group formed by inspiring and welcoming professionals who work hard to disseminate the group’s positions and wins across Europe.

From a more personal point of view, I feel I had the chance to add some nuances to my Europeanist values, and I really think my ideology has grown overall. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic affected the general development of the internship, but I have to say that the Greens/EFA group didn’t let its interns behind while the whole Parliament was figuring out what to do during this one-of-a-kind situation.

Cinta González Sentís, February 2020 - January 2021


Joining the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. A huge step in my professional career, and in my personal life. You get to see how the European Parliament works, and how it interacts with the other institutions, the Commission and the Council. You get to work in a multicultural environment and with people from other political groups, which makes you be more open-minded and forces you to stay always informed, and up to date with the current issues. You will very quickly become an essential part of your team and create a network of people inside the Parliament.   

Júlia Sardà i Magem, February-November 2020


An internship with the Greens/EFA group is a great way to enter the European Parliament. You will meet and assist persons who are involved in European policymaking on a daily basis and with the right amount of motivation, which I am sure of is not lacking, you will be able to contribute to various aspects of the work that the group is doing, mainly greening the European policies. You will also be able to see how a political group functions, how the Greens act within the Parliament as a political group and how the Parliament acts in relation to the other institutions. Besides this, the internship is sufficiently flexible to offer you the time to explore all kinds of events taking place within the Parliament and meet like-minded or not so like-minded interns. Super opportunity!

Pieter Dirckx, February-October 2020


I can only say good things from my internship at the Greens/EFA Secretariat. I integrated the Communication unit, which is a big team gathering interesting and nice people. From the very first day I felt fully integrated to the team and at ease to express my ideas to colleagues. Together, we had to deal with Covid-19 crisis and unusual times to do an internship. But this experience made the team spirit even stronger and more responsibilities were given to me at that time. I am very grateful to my colleagues to trust my skills and offer me the possibility to develop a personal video project with other trainees from the unit.

Integrating the Greens/EFA Group also means taking part in an ambitious political project. Inside the EP, I could observe the making of European politics from a Green perspective and I saw the energy and dynamism of all MEPs from the Group, ardently defending fairer legislative proposals; and this felt very rewarding.

Amélie Tagu, February-August 2020


Even though times are tough to thrive in these racist and classist structures of the European society, we have to appropriate the political space and become more visible. I can only encourage you to become an intern of the Greens/EFA Group so you can make your voice heard. We can only contribute to the necessary change and shift of perspective if we show up and speak up. Our presence in those institutions of power is a benefit for all and a representational revolution in itself. I would have never thought that a European party would invite a working class POC feminist like me to work alongside with them, but the Greens/EFA made it happen. That alone was one of the most empowering moments in my life! I won’t ever forget this thrilling experience and political adventure in Brussels and can only recommend you to apply, too!

Sara Bahadori, February-July 2020


Interns 2019


I am very pleased to have experienced an internship with the Greens/EFA after the great green wave of the 2019 elections. Being part of the Green team in the European Parliament was very inspiring and gave me the opportunity to be listened and to learn a lot on the on-going work of a political group on environmental issues. The team is welcoming, supportive and super-committed and gives you the will to get involved too. In the end, you will conclude your five-months with the super good feeling of knowing that you have worked for a group with values that is a change-maker in the EU.

Charlotte Croteau - September 2019


My time with the Greens/EFA communications team has been a very fruitful multidisciplinary experience. I have been lucky to work for the Group during a transition between legislatures, perhaps one of the most interesting and exciting periods. I do not think there is a more realistic, courageous and hopeful project for Europe than the one proposed by the European Greens. It has been an honour to participate in the good results of these elections, in such an exciting year marked by street protests and the increase of ecological awareness across the entire world.

I believe that this Group is full of great professionals, with an overwhelming political vision. That is why I have had the feeling of learning enormously from each and every one of the staff of this Group with whom I have shared these 5 months. There is no doubt that I have grown up as a professional and now have a much deeper and more complete knowledge of European politics. But above all, I feel that this internship gives me human personal and collective experiences, from a wonderful and invisible group of people (behind the visible faces of the politicians) which make this project absolutely hopeful for Europe.

Alberto Vela Sanchez - July 2019


The internship with the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament is for everyone who wants to achieve direct experience and understanding of the European Parliament, but also take a stronger political stand. If you care about climate crisis, gender equality, fighting the far right in EU and transparency, this is the Group for you. Taking a political side publicly is not always comfortable and it might not come natural to some. For the ones who want to apply, but are in doubts, I say : there is something extremely empowering in joining a political group. It for sure defines you more, but also allows you to be in the frontline when it comes to battles you really care about. Politics is not easy, but it is the place where things can be changed. In this sense, the Greens/EFA Group is a young, open minded, committed Group, where I felt very welcomed. I grew fonder and fonder of it during these five months.

I worked in communications: every day was different and shaped by the hectic agenda of the European Parliament, of the Group as well as by breaking news. This makes it very interesting and exciting. In particular, I supported the social media team, doing social media monitoring and creating posts with political content. I loved this role because we could engage with citizens and make EU politics closer and more understandable for them. When we receive positive feedback, it is an enormous satisfaction. I am grateful to my supervisors, because they gave me real responsibility in the management of the Greens/EFA social media accounts and allowed and trusted me to be creative with my ideas.

My internship took place during a very significant moment: the 2019 European election. This was an incredible opportunity for growth and a unique chance to be at the centre of the history of the European Union. The moment was even more significant, with climate strikes sparking a global movement for environment and justice. Being able to be on the side of the Greens during this civic mobilisation, and seeing the impact on politics, was inspiring and a great lesson of hope, democracy and advocacy that I will take with me wherever I will go. For someone who believes in the European Union and has a burning passion for it, being able to contribute to it and serve other citizens is one of the most challenging job, a great responsibility and a true honour. Join!

Anna Ferrari - July 2019


Interns 2018 II

In many ways, this internship has been a life-changing experience to me. I have been lucky to join the Greens/EFA during the 2019 elections, and to feel the dynamic of a green wave coming to the Parliament. One of my main tasks was to go over the last term’s main political battles, and it led me to realise how much this group was a driving force for change in the European Parliament.

Most of all, I have had the pleasure to work with staff members who were eager to share their knowledge and expertise, but also to have interesting chats over coffee in the Mickey Mouse. I am incredibly thankful to my supervisor and all advisers, especially the crazy AFET team, who made this internship such a challenging and unforgettable experience. Last but not least, if you are lucky enough to join this group, you will have the chance to meet, and even become friends with fantastic interns!

Morgane L'Haridon - June 2019

My experience at the Greens/EFA has been very fulfilling. From the very beginning, I have been considered as part of the team, and a lot of responsibilities were given to me. The team, as well as MEPs, are very welcoming and listened to my opinions and ideas. Working in the Tax Justice Campaign, I have had the opportunity to gain knowledge of tax evasion, tax avoidance and money laundering (issues on the top of the Greens/EFA's political agenda), as well as to undertake tasks related to both legislation and communication. Some of weeks could be busy and stressful, but the work was very rewarding, especially when a report you have been working on is quoted in dozens of European newspapers. Finally, the most rewarding part of working for the Greens/EFA group was to contribute to tackle offshore tax evasion, and therefore build a fairer Europe.

Awenig Marie - January 2019

Working in the Communication department of the Greens/EFA in the EP was an amazing experience. First of all, it has been a human experience. During those 5 months I joined a super-engaged team who warmly welcomed me and made me want to get as engage as them. Then, it has also been an invaluable working experience. I had the chance to work with almost everybody in the Communication department, from working on a database to designing visuals for social media. In very few places you will be able to get a such extensive experience of work and feel so welcomed.

Daniel Kanashiro Auque - February 2019


Interns 2018


The role of the European Parliament in EU external action is of high importance in today’s reckless world politics. Despite the image of a power-less institution in foreign affairs, every line of legislative text matters here. Not for nothing, governments and civil society try to influence the work of this house every day. In Parliament, this Group stands for an EU external action that takes human rights seriously, pushes for an enhanced multilateralism and defends a feminist agenda in times of dangerous supermacho leaderships in the international arena. It is thus a thrilling and very formative experience to work with the Greens/EFA advisor on Human Rights following AFET and DROI committees. And, by the way, these are great people too!

Adria Rivera Escartin - February 2018

When you work for the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament, even as an intern, you are part of the team. Your opinion and work are valued, and sharing ideas is encouraged. When I started this internship, I didn’t expect it would have such a huge potential for growth. But in the span of five months, I have grown and learnt a lot professionally and personally. I have acquired new skills and knowledge in digital communications, database management and event organisation, which is a huge boost in confidence when applying to jobs in similar areas. However, this opportunity also highlighted flaws I still need to work on, like taking care of my mental health and learn to say “no” or take days off when needed! Best of all, the adrenaline junkie that I am got her fix of urgency almost every week thanks to the fast-paced, high-level environment that is the European Parliament. What more could I have asked for?

Alexiane Renier - February 2018

These past five months with the Greens/EFA Group, in the European Parliament, have flown by. Being part of the Climate Change Campaign was an amazing experience in witnessing and assisting the tremendous work of experts behind decision-making process. Having the possibility to be part of projects with concrete impacts such as the COP23, Climate justice, gender equality and fair transition kept my days busy, fascinating and intense. I was impressed with the responsibilities that were given to me. The team is especially supportive, understanding and professional, making you feel part of the Group. You not only learn from the procedures and subjects you’re working on, but also from the people you meet.

Nolwenn Coutel-Darrieu - February 2018

Working with the Greens/EFA group in the EP was an amazing experience at a professional and human level. This was a great opportunity to deepen first-hand in the European Parliament as a European institution (in Brussels, but also Strasbourg!) and its very specific dynamics, but especially the big communications team the Greens/EFA group has, where communication is spread in an international context and very diverse targets all over Europe. The rhythm can be hectic sometimes, but also thrilling! Nevertheless, the group’s multicultural staff was very welcoming and it’s worth emphasizing its warmness and good vibes. I’m sure this internship provided me with very useful learnings for the rest of my professional career, but this is more than just a professional experience. Actually, working with the Greens/EFA in the EP is also a contribution to build a more sustainable, social and integrated Europe. And that’s definitely inspiring!

Pepe Escrig - February 2018


These five months enabled me to gain insight into how a political group functions and its role within the European Parliament. Assisting the Central secretariat felt like working in a beehive where everybody was focused and goal-driven. My tasks, whether they consisted of helping with the coordination of the inputs from MEPs offices and political advisors, or supporting the communication work and the group's strategy, were furthering our political priorities and reflecting the values we try to convey.

I particularly appreciated working on the European Ideas Lab. The regional edition held in Dublin was a great success, showing how crucial it is for change-makers and political leaders to come together and stay together in order to bring about much needed change in society. I am looking forward to seeing what the next editions will have in store.

Saki Ino - February 2018


Interns 2017


“I have spent five intense months in the Parliament with the Greens/EFA group. Taking part in the team working in the LIBE Committee requires doing your best every single moment. Dealing with Migration and Asylum policies means a full emotional and technical commitment. I had the opportunity to assist with the reform of the Common European Asylum System, to take part in the legislative process working in close collaboration with the advisors, the assistants and the MEPs. I learnt the functioning of the European Parliament, I developed my skills but most of all I was surprised by how many friendly people I met here, I will miss them so much.”

Sebastiano Badin - July 2017


“On the surface, what goes on in the European Parliament can seem boring, obtuse and seems totally irrelevant to the everyday lives of people all around the continent. However, that’s not necessarily the case (at least not all of the time). Learning how to take the achievements of the Greens/EFA group and figure out ways to share them with ordinary people through social media and blog posts was a really amazing opportunity.

Whether it was trying to break Planned Obsolesce down into layman’s terms (it's where a company intentionally doesn't make their product built to last) or finding ways to communicate positions that were controversial in certain vocal circles of the internet (I won’t miss reading some of the nastier comments under posts about refugees), this role challenged me to communicate to a diverse, international audience.”

Diarmuid Burke - July 2017


"The Greens/EFA group accomplishes highly necessary work in this house, defending the commons, the Earth, civil liberties and social justice. Negotiating within an agriculture Committee dominated by conservatives only made our political victories even sweeter. To find a sense to one’s work and to one’s action is energy for life, and the work that we have been doing makes so much sense, because an agricultural system that cannot produce without harming carries the seeds of its own destruction.”

Simon Gombert- July 2017


"Working in AFET and DROI – and in general, in the Western Sahara campaign – has been a most thrilling experience! Foreign policy often times requires fast responses, making every day different from the other. I have had the chance to work very closely with other committees such as INTA, allowing me to have a better idea of what work in the European Parliament looks like. At the same time, having the opportunity to be surrounded by people who stand for Human Rights worldwide is utterly inspiring, which can keep you going through long days"

Paz Serra Portilla - July 2017


 “There’s something about doing work and having it go towards something that matters. Working in communications with the Greens/EFA group does not only mean to do the “normal” comms work, but to work on all policy issues across the whole spectrum. Days can be very full and very fast, but in exchange no single day will ever be the same and you are up to date with everything that is going on. I was surprised by the huge amount of responsibility we were given - I never felt like just an intern but as a full member of a very great team.”

Tessa Schiefer - July 2017


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