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EU-Russia : Components for a strategic reset

A Green strategy paper

This paper - coordinated by MEPs Sergey Lagodinsky and Reinhard Bütikofer - was adopted on 12 May by the Group. It was endorsed without EFA participation.


It is time to reassess the EU relationship vis-à-vis the Russian Federation. Recent months have demonstrated that our Russia strategy needs a strategic reset.

The following components for a new strategy are informed by the reality of a deepening antagonism between the EU and Russia, but are also carried by a vision for bilateral renewal, albeit following a long dry spell in mutual relations that we have to get through.

This paper outlines expectations and goals, as well as key components for EU strategy on Russia.





a. Changing expectations

b. Key objective and strategic goals



a. Our policy seeks partnership with the Russian people and is thus pro-Russian
b. Support for active civil society remains the cornerstone of our policy

c. Our Russia and Eastern Europe policies are informed by historical memory and
     recognition of responsibilities and traumas

d. We respect Russia's interests, but not Russia's revisionism

e. We rise to the challenge of systemic competition

f. There are red lines for cooperation with Russian state actors

g. We pursue nuclear arms control and nuclear disarmament with Russia

h. As a new priority, we want to consistently combat money laundering

i. We strengthen resilience and countermeasure capabilities against hybrid

j. We use technological standards and the open internet to support free spaces
   and restrict oppressive technologies

k. We strengthen the collective power and credibility of the EU including strategic unbundling


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Responsible MEPs

Reinhard Bütikofer
Reinhard Bütikofer
Sergey Lagodinsky
Sergey Lagodinsky

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