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Food culture

Join the food revolution

Join the food revolution

Food is essential. We need it for our lives, health and well being.

Good food is political. And as such we need a good food policy that includes the right of the poor to feed themselves; that reflects the sustainability and diversity of agriCultures and that shares responsibilities between farmers, fishers and consumers for fair prices and fair trade.

We European Greens have launched a new campaign – For European Food Culture! We invite you to join us in our fight for increased public awareness, personal engagement and participative democracy in determining and improving food policies throughout Europe.
Through this campaign we aim to provoke public debate and action on issues which concern us, including:

  • How to improve the safety of food without sacrificing quality and taste
  • How to prevent Europe's agriculture and environment from being deliberately contaminated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • How to fish in a manner that does not destroy the oceans and coastal communities that depend upon them
  • How to create more choice for consumers and farmers through sustainable consumption and production of food
  • How to respond to the concentration of the international food industry and to make the marketing and trade of food fair
  • How to promote a healthy diet, reduce food transport, improve animal welfare, preserve the natural environment and enjoy the diversity of European food cultures.

This European Food Culture website offers an open forum to NGOs and civil society groups. We would like to share ideas and experiences in campaigning for better food culture with you.



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