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Results of Greens/EFA call and second phase of consultation

    [Important preliminary note:
    the views expressed in this document do not reflect the Greens/EFA position but the one of the authors of the respective submissions]
We publish here the responses to the call launched in July 2012. We would like to say a great thank you to all participants for their detailed and inspiring contributions. They are of great help to our reflection and to the building of a positive agenda on innovation and creation. We are convinced that it is critical to reflect politically on the consequences of the changes introduced in our society by the Internet and new technologies. Information and knowledge became central in the organising of many human activities and in the economy. By addressing the issues related to the control of and the access to information and knowledge and by designing need approaches for their management we believe it is possible to promote a more transparent, fair, democratic and ecological society. As Greens/EFA we want to protect the users of the Internet and their fundamental rights, but we also have the ambition to tackle issues related to the way society is organised. Creation and innovation depend on how knowledge and information are managed, while they can considerably benefit from the Internet and the new technologies. Their blooming can also play a key role in making society a better place. The proposals that we received have been ordered according to different sections to facilitate the reading, but note that sections are only indicative. Contributors had the possibility to make their post anonymous; some did. Some people contacted us to discuss this call but did not send actual submissions. They will now have the opportunity to do so. Indeed, we decided to adopt a position paper on this issue before the Summer of 2013. We are therefore launching a second phase of consultation (deadline: 31 January 2013), which will allows us to go further into the details of proposals or to explore new domains and topics that have not been exposed yet. Any input is welcome. We are interested in changes in laws (contract law, competition law, financial law, intellectual property law, etc.), the design of new legal tools, new financing mechanisms, pilot projects or experimental initiatives. Help us think outside of the box.

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