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Nuclear plants

A 38 year old nuclear power plant is shut down in Spain

The number of operating nuclear reactors in the EU continues to fall after another reactor was closed. On 30 April it was the José Cabrera (Zorita) nuclear plant in Spain which went off line for good.

After 38 years of operation, the Spanish 142 MW (net) Pressurized Water Reactor José Cabrera (Zorita) went off line for good at 23h31 on 30 April 2006.

The owner Union Fenosa intends to build a 2 x 400 MW combined cycle gas plant at the site.

This leaves 8 nuclear units operating in Spain and reduces the number of operating nuclear reactors in the EU to 147 (442 in the world) that is 25 less than the 172 units when the number peaked in 1989.

At the same time, the EPR construction site in Finland and "nuclear revival" symbol is 9 months behind schedule... after just about one year of construction!

See the evolution of nuclear reactors in the EU25 (pdf)



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