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Are prisons obsolete? From prison reform to prison abolition

Live Webinar

“On the whole, people tend to take prisons for granted. It is difficult to imagine life without them. At the same time, there is reluctance to face the realities hidden within them, a fear of thinking about what happens inside them. Thus, the prison is present in our lives and, at the same time, it is absent from our lives. To think about this simultaneous presence and absence is to begin to acknowledge the part played by ideology in shaping the way we interact with our social surroundings. We take prisons for granted but are often afraid to face the realities they produce. After all, no one wants to go to prison. Because it would be too agonizing to cope with the possibility that anyone, including ourselves, could become a prisoner, we tend to think of the prison as disconnected from our own lives”.

Angela Y. Davis - “Are prisons obsolete?”


Wednesday 21st of April 

From 4.30pm - 5.30pm (Brussels time - GMT+1) / 10.30am - 11.30am (NY Time - EST)




Diana Riba i Giner, member of the European Parliament for the Greens/EFA group

Lawrence Bartley: is the founder and director of “News Inside”, the print publication of The Marshall Project, distributed in hundreds of prisons and jails throughout the United States.

Helene De Vos, European Coordinator of RESCALED

Hans Claus, Secretary of the organisation “De Huizen” (The Houses) and spokesperson for the project.



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Responsible MEPs

Diana Riba i Giner
Diana Riba i Giner

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