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The future we REALLY want

A Greens/EFA conference on Rio+20




20 years ago, the Rio Summit met to define ways to foster sustainable development and raised lots of hopes all over the world. 20 years on, the strong historical message delivered by the young Severn Suzuki has not been fully heard and much remains to be done to preserve our natural capital.

In June this year, the Rio+20 Summit will be the opportunity to set the sustainable development agenda for the next 20 years. One of the key themes of the summit will be how to define the 'green economy'. Will land protection be duly taken into consideration? Will the need for ocean governance be finally addressed? Will concrete measures and targets be adopted? How will environmental governance be framed? Will the EU play a key role in achieving a successful outcome? The questions are numerous and civil society is pushing for strong commitments.

Expectations are high because this Rio Summit has the potential to be the long-awaited shift towards a more sustainable and fair future. This conference will aim to reflect and propose conclusions on the future we really want


14:30- 15:00


What is at stake at the Rio+20 Earth Summit?

Chaired by Sandrine Bélier MEP

  • From 1992 to 2012: what has changed?
    Live chat with Severn Suzuki
  • A new vision for sustainable development
    Edgar Morin
    , Philosopher
  • The role of Brazil in setting up the agenda for the sustainable development discussions at Rio+20
    Maximiliano Arienzo, Mission of Brazil to the European Union, Economic Sector - Head of Energy & Sustainable Development
  • The risks of the "Green economy" concept
    Pablo Solón, Director of Focus on the Global South, former Bolivian Ambassador to the UN



Green economy in the framework of sustainable development

Chaired by Carl Schlyter MEP

  • A transition to a Green Economy - A change in paradigm or greener shade of brown?
    Eva Alfredsson
    , analyst Swedish agency for Growth Policy Analysis and Global Utmaning (Global Challenge, Swedish think tank)
  • The Great Transition Has Begun: why systemic economic change is necessary, desirable and possible
    Andrew Simms, New Economics Foundation



The need for Global Oceans Governance

Chaired by Isabella Lövin MEP

  • The vicious circle of CO2 and Oceans acidification
    Jason Hall-Spencer
    , Plymouth Marine Laboratory
  • Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction - the need for a sustainable management and protection
    Matthew Gianni
    , The Deep SeaConservation Coalition
  • Strenghtening ocean governance
    Wendy Watson-Wright
    , Executive Secretary Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and Assistant Director-General UNESCO



Chaired by Bas Eickhout MEP and Sandrine Bélier MEP

This conference is organised by MEPs Sandrine Bélier, Bas Eickhout,  Isabella Lövin, Carl Schlyter and Claude Turmes

To be followed by a small reception in front of ASP1G3.



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